The White Horse

“This Suffolk real ale pub stocks an ever-changing range of locally brewed ales and ciders, and some wonderful locally made bottled ales & spirits. We also stock a range of organic fairtrade & local wines, a selection of carefully chosen speciality spirits & soft drinks and a small selection of locally made food.

For our ales we tend to focus on small local breweries and we like to seek out new brews all the time, so you’re likely to find something you may not have tried before. We always have at least two draught local ales to choose from, as well as one draught local cider. We like to think of it as a very slow beer festival!”


Friday: 7pm-11pm
Saturday: 7pm-11pm
Sunday: 12pm-3pm &
Monday: 7pm-11pm

** why the short opening hours? Pubs need some form of diversification these days – for most pubs it’s meals. Our pub’s support comes in the form of a campsite in the garden – which is a full time job in itself. Whilst this means we can’t open the pub 7 nights a week, it does also mean the pub can retain its character as a drinking pub & drinkers are not fighting for tables pre-booked by diners. It also means we are not competing for trade with the other fantastic food pubs nearby.

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