Parish Council

Swefling Parish Council has 7 Parish Councillors. Parish Councillors are unpaid, elected (or co-opted) members of the local community with an interest in improving village life. The Councillors’ Register of Interests can be viewed here.

For historical reasons, Swefling only has one ‘f’ when referring to the Parish Council.

The Parish Clerk is the Proper Officer of the Parish Council and is an employee. They are also the Responsible Financial Officer. Please contact the Parish Clerk if you have any questions relating to the operation of the Parish Council:

All Parish Council meetings are public meetings and members of the public are welcome to attend to observe or speak to the Parish Council and the District and County Councillors if present. Time for those wishing to speak will be allotted at the start of the meeting or during the meeting at the Chair’s discretion.

Minutes and Agendas:

In accordance with the Transparency Code for Smaller Authorities 2015, the Parish Council has a duty to publish draft minutes of a meeting within one month of the meeting. The draft minutes can be found on this page. However, it must be noted that the minutes are only a draft document and do not become an official record of the Parish Council meeting until they are approved at the next Parish Council meeting. Minutes from earlier dates than published on this page can be obtained from the Parish Clerk.

The agenda for the forthcoming meeting will be published on this page and on the village notice board three clear days before the meeting date.


Parish Council Meetings, minutes and agendas

Parish Council Details, Statutory and Financial Information