Nature Notes – August 2018

At the time of writing we have just ended a record hot, dry period (it would be misleading to call it a ‘spell’). Grass fields were completely dried out, and almost white. Some deep-rooted plants such as thistles survived better than most, and provided at least some flowers for the summer butterflies. By now there are also Bramble […]

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Nature Notes – July 2018

The internet is well named. Being a net, it is full of holes, through which fell last month’s Nature Notes. Apologies to any regular readers. The churchyard in Sweffling is one of our most important and interesting habitats. In spring there was a fine show of flowers which I hope people noticed. Although not in […]

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Nature Notes – June 2018

This seems a good time to include a piece about the Sweffling churchyard, which has been in such good colour this spring. Many village churchyards, as well as their obvious function, can be important as veritable nature reserves. This is because in places they have simply been mown, or perhaps grazed, for hundreds of years, […]

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Nature Notes – May 2018

At this time of year, everything in the natural world seems to be changing particularly fast, with spring flowers appearing, insects emerging, and seasonal changes in bird life. By the end of April, most of our common migrant birds were arriving. Chiffchaffs and Blackcaps have been in song for several weeks, and others like Whitethroat […]

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Nature Notes – March 2018

Among the Goldfinches on the bird feeder this February have been the hoped-for numbers of Redpolls. I get a lot of pleasure from these tiny brown finches with their bright crimson red forehead patch, and males with increasingly pink breasts as they come into spring plumage. Unfortunately, one of them flew against a window and […]

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