Parish Council Minutes 11th February 2020



  1. Attendance and apologies: Apologies for Absence:

Cllr John Stanley (Chair)                                                    Cllr Annie Rogers

Cllr Jude Chin                                                                     Cllr Martin Wyard (Vice-chair)

Cllr Julia Kinsey                                                                  Cllr Stephen Burroughes

Cllr Audrey Lummis                                                            Cllr Maurice Cook (no apology)

Cllr John Tesh

Also in attendance:

                                                                                                Maureen Philpot (Clerk)

2 Members of the public


  1. To receive declarations of interest and to consider requests for dispensations

Cllr Julia Kinsey declared an interest in item 5(b) in Village Matters.


  1. Public Forum
  2. a) A member of the public had attended the meeting hoping to speak to Cllr Maurice Cook.

She will send a letter to him instead.

  1. b) To receive a report from Cllr Stephen Burroughes (previously circulated)

The Council understood from Cllr Stephen Burroughes report that the Northern Bypass is

unlikely to be built. They also commented on the impact this would have on Ipswich when

the Orwell Bridge is closed. The Chair commented on the 3,496 incidents of fly tipping

reported and wondered how many incidents occurred on a Thursday as the Leiston

Recycling Centre is closed on Wednesdays.

  1. c) The Parish Council were disappointed not to see Cllr Maurice Cook (see notes (a) and


  1. d) It was intended to ask both Cllrs Stephen Burroughes and Maurice Cook about the

flooding risk in the village. The Council decided it needed to put pressure on Highways to

clean the blocked drains. It was noted that the ditch from the hut to the back of the barn had

been trimmed.

Action: The clerk to contact Highways regarding the drains.


  1. Minutes of the previous meeting
  2. a) The minutes of the previous meeting held on 14th January 2020 (previously circulated)

were proposed by Cllr John Tesh and seconded by Cllr Jude Chin as a true and accurate

record and signed by Cllr John Stanley (Chair).

  1. b) All matters had been dealt with. The Clerk reported that she had been able to submit the

Council’s comments on planning application DC/19/4578/FUL. Please see Village

Matters (e) below.


  1. Village Matters
  2. a) Update on Village Noticeboard.

The new noticeboard has been placed on the corner of Holdens Lane and it was agreed

that it was a very smart addition to the village. A previous one had been delivered badly

damaged so there was some delay until the new noticeboard was in use. A big thank you

was sent to all those who helped with installing it. The Chairman asked if it was time to put

a reconditioned red telephone box next to the noticeboard and said that the quote was

£3,100 + £300 for delivery. Cllr Jude Chin reminded the Council that this would be half of

The reserves that the council hold. It was suggested that funding be found for this project,

maybe approach the Tourist Board, Arts Council or Adnams for help. The Council decided

it was time to ask the village what they would like. The Village Hut steps are in urgent need

of repair and they have had two quotes, one for £750 and one for £550. It was suggested

that Cllr Maurice Cook be approached for funding for this project.

  1. b) Update on Village Website

Monica Petzal has suggested a website called be used for the village website.

This is owned by Monica and at the moment it appears in monochrome.

belongs to Adrian Kinsey. It is believed that the original website was Sweffling121 and  in

2017 the providers began to charge. Ann Hirst had the domain name and handed it over

Adrian Kinsey. It was felt that the Parish Council should have its own website and the clerk

should own it. The Council was asked which website they should go for. It was agreed that

the website should be modern and updated regularly. There was no need for two websites

and Monica said she would train people to put notices on the chosen website. It was agreed

that a meeting with Monica Petzal, Adrian Kinsey, Jude Chin, John Stanley and the clerk

be arranged to decide the future of the website. It is still agreed that Adrian be paid back

the costs he has incurred.

  1. c) Litter pick

The council decided that the date of the village litter pick be on Saturday 4th April 2020

10 am meeting at the village hut.

Action: The Clerk to order 2 rolls of black bags, 1 roll of clear bags plus picks and high viz

jackets. These will be delivered to Cllr Audrey Lummis.

  1. e) Planning application DC/19/4578/FUL was again discussed by the Council. The plans

still include a new 4 bedroomed detached house but the studio and open garage have been

removed. It was agreed that the footprint is still larger than the original building and this is

not a modest application. It was asked if the Mill is of historical interest. It was decided by

the Council that the application be refused and the previous comments given to the

Planning Department should still stand.

Action: The clerk to submit the Council’s comment to the Planning Department.


  1. Finance
  2. a) Please see page 3 for details of cheques to be signed.
  3. b) The standing orderswere proposed by Cllr John Stanley (Chair) and seconded by Cllr

Julia Kinsey and approved by all.

  1. c) The code of conduct was proposed by Cllr Julia Kinsey and seconded by Cllr Audrey

Lummis and agreed by all.

  1. d) The risk register was proposed by Cllr Audrey Lummis and seconded by Cllr John Tesh.
  2. e) Please see page 4 for the current financial position.


  1. Correspondence

    A booklet had been sent to the council on current waste bins for sale.


  1. Questions to the Chair

No questions to the Chair


  1. The next Parish Council Meeting

The next meeting was confirmed as March 10th 2020.


There being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting at 9pm.

Maureen Philpot (Clerk)                                             Signed by Cllr John Stanley (Chair)

Cheques to be signed:




Date             Cheque No.          Payee                        Classification                       Amount

11.2.2020    100638                  Maureen Philpot        Printing Ink                          £51.58

11.2.2020    100639                  Greenbarnes             New noticeboard                 £2,469.50

11.2.2020    100640                  John Stanley             Fixing of noticeboard          £49.74














































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