Rendham Mummers Tour 2018 ‘Brothers In Arms’

[Photographs courtesy of Alan Skeyne]

Much to the amusement of the gathered crowd and bewilderment of passing motorists, a motley colourful crew of entertainers performed their play “Brothers in Arms”, outside the Rendham White Horse on August Bank Holiday Monday. The performance was dedicated to the memory of Fred Parrott, who died recently. Fred’s support and skills in producing amazing props has been a major contributor to the success in establishing the Mummers and reviving the tradition.

The last cannonball flew, the smoke died away, and Joey the Stallion was brought back to life one final time by the Doctor, as the Mummers’ Oak Moon Tour drew to a close.

The traditional Hat Collection taken at their performances at Rendham, Sweffling and Sibton White Horse pubs, raised a total of £920.10 for the Mummers’ chosen charity, Fresh Start- New Beginnings. This local charity works with the most vulnerable children, providing a treatment service for child sexual abuse victims. FSNB was thrilled at the sum raised, which for a relatively small charity can make a real impact.

The Mummers and FSNB recognise that the success of the Tour was made possible by the support and generosity of everyone who came, and the publicans and their staff. A big “Thank you” to all!

Rendham Mummers take a short break now before returning for one night only to celebrate the Winter Solstice, from 6.45pm, Friday 21st December, on the Knoll at Rendham. Their new play, “Rendham Mummers’ Return of the King” will be performed under the Sacred Oak at 7.30pm. A date for your diary!

For more information, photos, see Rendham Mummers’ Facebook.

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