Swefling Parish Council Minutes September 2018





  1. Attendance and apologies


Attendees                                                                               Apologies for absence

Cllr John Stanley (Chair)                                                        Cllr Stephen Burroughs

Cllr Isobel McGovern (Vice-Chair)                                          Cllr John Tesh

Cllr Audrey Lummis                                                                Cllr Carol Poulter (No apologies)

Cllr Martin Wyard

Cllr Julia Kinsey

Cllr Jude Chin                                                                         Also in Attendance

Maureen Philpot (Clerk)


  1. Declaration of Pecuniary and non-pecuniary interests

There were no declarations


  1. Public Forum
  2. a) To receive a report from Cllr Stephen Burroughs (Circulated).The Council wish to thank Cllr Stephen Burroughs for sending his report.
  3. b) To receive a report from Cllr Carol Poulter (None sent).


  1. Minutes of Previous Meetings
  2. a) The minutes of the meeting held on 12th June 2018 (copies of which were previously circulated) were proposed by Cllr Isobel McGovern and seconded by Cllr Audrey Lummis. These were approved as a true and accurate record and signed by the Chair.
  3. b) The minutes of the meeting held on 10th July 2018 (copies of which were previously circulated) were proposed by Cllr Martin Wyard and seconded by Cllr Julia Kinsey. These were approved as a true and accurate record and signed by the Chair.
  4. e) Matters arising

The Chair Said that the noticeboard had been taped up to make it safe. He also said that he had attended a meeting about the 121 bus route. He has also been in touch with Highways about the proposed speed signs.


  1. Village
  2. a) There was a meeting with Rachael Rowe, who works for the District Council and Lynne Butler from CATS. It was stated that to use CATS you have to book in advance although occasionally an emergency trip can be arranged. It seems that Villagers are prepared to wait and see what happens in the near future. Another meeting with Rachael Rowe and Lynn Butler is to be arranged. Cllr Julia Kinsey said lit might be a good idea if a group of people clubbed together to use the bus. It was also stated that bus passes are accepted. Cllr Martin Wyard suggested that it was sensible to support one service to accommodate the local rural villages.
  3. b) The Chair has been in touch with Highways regarding the erection of speed signs in the Village. Still not sure when they will go up but it should be soon.
  4. c) It was noted that the top part of the noticeboard has rotted and it was put to the Council to suggest what type of replacement noticeboard was required. After discussion it was decided that the noticeboard remains the same size with 2 glazed panels with no lock. It was suggested that the Councillors enquire around the Village whether anyone was available to build a new noticeboard.

Action: A Notice to be put in The Bridge about the availability of anyone able to build a new noticeboard.

A question was asked about an update on the positioning of the grit bins as Winter was approaching. It was suggested that they be placed where the grit piles are but the Chair said that the bins must be placed on Highways land.

Action: The Chair will find out the extent of the land owned by Highways.

The Chair reported that the grass on Jubilee Field had been mowed and The Parish Council would like to send that to Stephen Smith and Andy Franklin for their hard work.

Cllr John Tesh sent a report that the Jubilee Oak Tree is damaged. The Chair said that this has been noted. Cllr John  Tesh also reported that there were two potholes in Rectory Lane that were increasing in size. It was noted that potholes can be reported on the Highways Website.


  1. Finance


A Cheque was signed for:      John Stanley   – Mower Fuel for work carried out by            Community Service users.                                             £32.33

Bank Statements


Barclays Community Account

Cash at Bank as per statement dated 2nd July 2018                                                 £2,391.39


Barclays Business Account

Cash at Bank as per statement dated 2nd July 2018                                                 £1,855.61


Total Funds                                                                                                               £4,247.00


The Clerk reported that the Internal Audit had been completed and that an exemption form had been sent to The External Auditors. The  accounts for 2017/2018 have been put on the Village website.

The Parish Council would like to thank Ken Goddard for his Internal Audit work.


  1. Correspondence


A request for donation had been received from St Elizabeth Hospice.


  1. Question to the Chair.


None received.


  1. Next Meeting

The date and time for the next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 9th October 2018 in the Village Hut at 7.30 pm.


The meeting closed at 8,20 pm.


Maureen Philpot Parish Clerk


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