Swefling Parish Council Minutes November 2018



  1. Attendance and apologies


Attendees                                                      Apologies for absence

Cllr John Stanley (Chair)                                  Cllr Stephen Burroughs

Cllr Isobel McGovern (Vice-Chair)                    Cllr Carol Poulter (No Apologies)

Cllr Audrey Lummis

Cllr Julia Kinsey                                               Also in Attendance

Cllr Jude Chin                                                 1 Member of the Public

Cllr Martin Wyard                                            Maureen Philpot (Clerk)

Cllr John Tesh


  1. Declaration of Pecuniary and non-pecuniary interests

There were no declarations


  1. Public Forum

a)A member of the public (Monica Petzal) has been looking at the village website and thought that it needed updating, or even a new website started. It was mentioned by the Council that some people in the village are not on the internet so they still need paper news also the broadband is very sketchy. The council were asked if there was an issue with Swefling villagers using the internet and it was decided that it was a matter of choice. Cllr Jude Chin suggested that changing the domain makes sense and also linking Activities, The Bridge and the Parish Council. Cllr Martin Wyard suggested that maybe the website could be more punchy and Monica Petzal suggested that people could upload their photographs to the website. Cllr Julia Kinsey stated that Adrian Kinsey has been asking people for items to go on the website but has had very little response. It was also suggested that local trades be included on the website. It was decided that at the moment nothing is to be removed or nothing new to be added. Monica Petzal said she would be very willing to help with the website or start a new one. The Chair suggested that a meeting be arranged to discuss the improvement of the website and also start a Facebook page for the village.

Action: Chair to arrange a meeting.

b)The Clerk has received a report from Cllr Stephen Burroughs.

Action: Clerk to send report to Councillors

c)No report received from Cllr Carol Poulter.


  1. Minutes of the previous meeting
  2. a) The minutes of the meeting held on the 9th October 2018 (copies of which were previously circulated) were proposed by Cllr Jude Chin and seconded by Cllr John Tesh and approved as a true and accurate record and signed by the Chair.
  3. b) All matters arising have been dealt with.


  1. Village

a)The Chair stated that BT will remove the telephone cabinet in March 2019 and he suggested that the new village noticeboard be put up after that date so that the ground can be cleared up. It was suggested that if a new noticeboard went up before that  it may be inviting vandalism. It was suggested that an e-mail be sent to Cllr Burroughs asking if the noticeboard was ordered and paid for now could the money be reimbursed in April. A 2-bay 6 x A4 man-made timber noticeboard would cost £1,098.56.

Action: Clerk to send Cllr Stephen Burroughs an e-mail.

  1. b) Grit Bins – the Chair stated that each bin needs 3 A4 forms to be filled in before putting in place. Also there must be authorisation from the property owners outside and opposite the bin. Bins must be yellow in colour and some or most of the bins will be filled automatically but only if they are yellow. Green bins can be placed in an area of interest. Also, each bin needs new forms every year. It was decided that 6 bins be placed in strategic positions.
  2. c) Dealt with in public forum.
  3. d) Village fete – Cllr Isobel McGovern had received a communication from the Village Fete committee asking if the Parish Council want the donation they usually receive or do they want it to go to another cause. It was decided that the donation should go towards the continued maintenance of Jubilee Field and a letter be sent to the Village Fete Committee thanking them for their kind offer.

Proposed by: Cllr John Stanley

Seconded by: Cllr Jude Chin

Action: Clerk to send a letter to the Village Fete Committee.


  1. Finance

Cheques were signed for:  PKF Littlejohn – External Audit                         £  48.00

SALC – PAYE services                                    £  21.60

CAB – Insurance renewal                                 £440.72



Barclays Community Account

Cash at bank as per statement dated 2nd November 2018                         £3,638.95


Barclays Premium Account

Cash at bank as per statement dated 2nd November 2018                         £1,856.54


The monthly accounts were previously circulated and were proposed by Cllr Jude Chin and seconded by Cllr Isobel McGovern.


A letter to Barclays Bank asking for £2,000 to be transferred from the Community Account to the Premium Account was signed by Cllr John Stanley and Cllr Jude Chin.


  1. Correspondence


The clerk had received letters from SARS and Leiston Citizens Advice asking for donations. The Council decided that as their only income was from the precept figure they were unable to grant any donations.


  1. Questions to the Chair

It has been noted that the hedges outside Durnford Bungalow are overgrown and it was decided that a letter be sent to the owner asking that the hedges be cut.

Action: The Clerk to write to Jill Abbott asking who owns Durnford Bungalow and to write a letter to the owner asking for the hedges to be cut.

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