1. Attendance and apologies

Attendees                                                    Apologies for absence

Cllr John Stanley (Chair)                            Cllr Martin Wyard

Cllr Isobel McGovern (Vice Chair)            Cllr Carol Poulter (No apologies received)

Cllr Audrey Lummis

Cllr Julia Kinsey

Cllr Jude Chin                                              Also in attendance

Cllr John Tesh                                              Maureen Philpot (Clerk)

Cllr Stephen Burroughs

2. Declaration of Pecuniary and non-pecuniary interests

3. Public Forum

a) No public in attendance

b) Councillor Stephen Burroughs highlighted a couple of items in his report. He stated that there are not enough places in Suffolk for special needs children and at the moment they are often sent out of County at a high cost. He also said that £45 million pounds is to be spent on schools to provide places for youngsters with very special needs.  There will be special support units and maybe one new school.

At the Sizewell C Consultation there were some issues around EDF’s proposals, the A12 in particular. The four village by-pass is still to be decided and it was suggested that EDF will invest in a two village by-pass and hopefully the government will invest in by-passing the other two villages. Councillor Tesh attended the forum and was very disappointed in the presentation by EDF. Councillor Burroughs said that EDF have not been in touch with Network Rail especially in regard to Leiston, they appear to be working towards the roads.

It was also mentioned that the road on the north side of Bridge Farm cottages is breaking up.

Action: The Chair will get in touch with Highways and report this matter.

4. Minutes of the previous meeting

a) The minutes of the meeting held on 8th January 2019 (copies of which were previously circulated) were proposed by Cllr Jude Chin and seconded by Cllr John Stanley and approved as a true and accurate record and signed by the Chair.

b) All matters arising have been duly dealt with.

5. Village Matters

a) Council Noticeboard

The quote for the Council Noticeboard was agreed. The heading on the Noticeboard should just read Sweffling with a double f.

Action: The Clerk will write to Cllr Stephen Burroughs and Cllr Carol Poulter asking for financial help in buying this expensive item.

b) Safety inspection of play equipment.

It was decided to go for a yearly plan with Sovereign to inspect the play equipment at a monthly cost of £14.99 a month, this will include repairs.

c) d) and e) Annual approval of Standing orders, standard of conduct and risk register

It was decided to approve the above at the next meeting when Councillors had refreshed their knowledge of these documents.

Action: The clerk will send a copy of the standing orders, standard of conduct and the risk register to all councillors. The clerk will also set up the yearly plan with Sovereign for the safety inspection of the play equipment.

It was also pointed out that footpath signs have been damaged by hedging contractors.

Cllr John Tesh had a quote for the repair to the Village sign and it was decided that Peggs could go ahead and repair it.

6. Finance

a) To note the current financial position:

Barclays Community Account

Cash at Bank as per statement dated 1st February 2019                                   £747.54

Barclays Premium Account

Cash at Bank as per statement dated 1st February 2019                                 £3,990.65

Total cash at Bank                                                                                                   £4,738.19

The budget spreadsheet was previously circulated.

7. Correspondence

The clerk received an e-mail from Jill Abbott regarding the hedge outside Dernford Bungalow. She said that she had been in touch with the owners and the trimming of the hedge was due to take place. The Clerk had been in touch with Sovereign regarding safety check. (Dealt with in 5b). An e-mail was received from a local driving instructor to report that the speed signs are unenforceable. This has already been dealt with by the chair. The Clerk has picked up the current register of electors.

8. Questions to the Chair

It was noted that the brown bins hadn’t been collected. The Chair will find out when this is to happen.

Cllr Jude Chin wanted to know if the play equipment was used and it was confirmed that quite a few children use it but not so much in the Winter.

The Clerk will get in touch with East Suffolk Council to register the litter pick for the 27th March 2019.

9. Next meeting

The date and time of the next Parish Council meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 12th March 2019 at 7.30 pm.

The meeting closed at 8.35 pm.

Maureen Philpot – Clerk