Attendees                                                                            Apologies for absence

Cllr John Stanley                                                                 Cllr Stephen Burroughs

1. Attendance and apologies

Cllr Isobel McGovern                                                          Cllr Carol Poulter

Cllr Audrey Lummis                                                             Cllr Jude Chin

Cllr Julia Kinsey

Cllr Martin Wyard                                                                 Also in attendance

Cllr John Tesh                                                                      Maureen Philpot (Clerk)

2. Declaration of Pecuniary and non-pecuniary interests

There were no declarations

3. Public Forum

a) The Chair reported that it had been impossible to get everyone together for a meeting regarding the website.

b) The Clerk has received a report from Cllr Stephen Burroughs (circulated)

c) The Clerk has received a report from Cllr Carol Poulter (circulated)

4. Minutes of the previous meeting

a) The minutes of the meeting held on 13th November 2018 (copies of which were previously circulated) were proposed by Cllr Martin Wyard and seconded by Cllr Audrey Lummis and approved as a true and accurate record and signed by the Chair.

b) All matters arising have been dealt with.

5. Village Matters

a) It was decided to ask the company ‘Green Barns” to provide and install a new Council Noticeboard.

Action: The Clerk to get a quote and order a manmade three door Council Noticeboard. The Clerk will also e-mail Cllr Carol Poulter to enquire about funding for this project.

b) Previously dealt with in Public Forum.

c) The Chair suggested that the Parish Council make plans for the future of the Village.

i)   Further enhancement for the Village speed limited.

ii)  Provide another piece of equipment for Jubilee Field.

iii) Get a defibrillator for the Village. Make a decision as to where it should be housed.                It was suggested that maybe an old red telephone kiosk be purchased to house the defibrillator or place it on the Village hut wall.

Action: The Clerk to e-mail Great Glemham and Rendham Parish clerks for advice.

d) The Clerk reported that NALC has set a new pay scale for Clerks. The Council agreed to follow their advice. From 1st April, the clerk will receive £10.16 per hour for 3 hours per week.

Proposed by:  Cllr Martin Wyard

Seconded by:  Cllr Isobel McGovern

All in favour.

e) Cllr John Tesh mentioned that the Village sign still needs repairing with a metal ring.

6. Finance

Cheques were signed for: Maureen Philpot – Clerk’s wages                           £296.11

                                              Maureen Philpot – Postage stamps                       £  10.98

                                              HMRC – PAYE                                                          £  74.00

Barclays Community Account

Cash at bank as per statement dated 30th November 2018                            £1,128.63

Barclays Premium Account

Cash at Bank as per statement dated 21st December 2018                            £3,990.65

The third quarter accounts were previously circulated and were proposed by Cllr Martin Wyard and seconded by Cllr Isobel McGovern.

The Precept for 2019/2020 was set at £3,300.00.

Proposed by Cllr John Stanley, Seconded by Cllr John Tesh.

The precept form was signed and dated by the Clerk.

7. Correspondence

The Clerk received three e-mails: Suffolk Coastal local plan

                                                            NALC Salary Rates

                                                            EDF Stage 2 consultation

The chair said he will go to the local plan meeting and the EDF Stage 2 consultation.

8. Questions to the Chair

Cllr John Stanley was asked about the mowing of Jubilee Field in the future and it was decided to continue with Community Service.

It was also decided that another waste bin be placed on Jubilee Field and this should be added to the budget.

The Chair reported that permission for a second grit bin can be placed by Townland Meadow – Glemham Road. It was suggested that a ton of sand and grit be bought and distributed between the bins in place. New forms need to be with Suffolk District Council by August so that the grit bins be replenished by them.

The Clerk mentioned that the equipment on Jubilee Field should be tested.

Action:  The Clerk will get in touch with the company who had previously done this and get the equipment tested in early Spring.

Cllr Audrey Lummis mentioned that she had been to the local police meeting. She reported that a new PCSO has been recruited and that they will now work after 6 pm.

9. Next meeting

The date and time for the next Parish Council Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 12th February 2019 at 7.30 pm.

The meeting closed at 8.55 pm.

Maureen Philpot – Clerk