Fete 2018 – ‘The Wash-Up’

An amazing sum of £3483.49 was the profit announced by Adrian, the fete’s outgoing treasurer for the village’s very successful fete in August. All expenses have been paid and the church and village amenities are set to benefit. In future there will also be a small project fund for which individuals could bid.

At the Sweffling Fete Wash-Up Meeting held on 16th October, (at which 23 people were present), these decisions were made as to how the profits would be allocated:
St. Mary’s Church £1500
Sweffling Village Hut £525
Townland Trust £400
Memorial Garden £200
(special additional project money for mower repair)
Bowls Club £200
(special project money for mower service)
Jubilee Field £110
(pending Parish Council decision)
Fete Retention for next year’s costs £548.49.

Amanda Daniel has kindly agreed to take on the role of treasurer. Grateful thanks were expressed to Adrian Kinsey for all his hard work over the years.

Comments about the event were most complimentary but a few issues will need to be addressed for next year. Ideas will be worked on, as well as repairing gazebos and another meeting will be convened for next May.