June 2017



  • Attendance and Apologies


Attendees: Cllr. John Stanley – Chair Cllr. Isobel McGovern – Vice Chair Cllr. John Tesh

Cllr. Martin Wyard

Cllr. Audrey Lummis

Cllr. Jude Chin

Apologies for absence:

District Cllr. Carol Poulter
In attendance: County Cllr. Stephen Burroughes

Sharon Smith – Clerk/RFO



  • Declarations of Pecuniary and Non-Pecuniary Interests



  • Parish Councillor VacancyCllr. John Stanley proposed that Julia Kinsey be co-opted to fill the Council’s casual vacancy. Cllr. Audrey Lummis seconded. All were in favour. Julia Kinsey completed the Declaration of Acceptance Form and the Clerk signed as witness. ACTION: Clerk to inform SCDC of Julia Kinsey’s appointment.


  • Public Forum


County Cllr. Stephen Burroughes said he was pleased to be returned following the local elections. Cllr. John Stanley said the Parish Council were very grateful to Cllr. Burroughes for attending their meetings and for all his support. Cllr. Stanley invited Cllr. Burroughes to attend the Sweffling fete to be held on 19th August 2017.

Cllr. Burroughes informed the Council that he was also Chairman of Suffolk County Council with responsibilities to represent the county council at civic and ceremonial events, to engage communities and to act as a champion for Suffolk. Cllr. Burroughes said that each year the Chairman selects a charity to support and his chosen charity is an independent trust which supports children in care in Suffolk. The charity provides bursaries for vocational career training, provides funding for events and purchases any necessary equipment, etc. Cllr. Burroughes said he was setting up a crowd funding site and any support from the village would be gratefully accepted.

With regard to reducing the speed limit on the B1119, Cllr. Burroughes said he will ask for an update from the Chief Engineer and will report back. Cllr. Burroughes said Speed Indicator Devices were being rolled out over the county as one of the measures to reduce speeding. Cllr. Martin Wyard said the Council would like to be involved with any proposals for SID sharing between local Parish Councils. Cllr. Wyard added that if funding could be raised for a speed watch camera there are residents who would be willing to volunteer for a Community Speed Watch team. Cllr. Burroughes said he would be happy to support this and asked the Clerk to send him an official request with some costs. ACTION: Clerk to send a message to Cllr. Stephen Burroughes inviting him to attend the village fete and to request help with funding for a speed watch camera.

    1. Minutes of the Meetings The minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting and the Annual Meeting held on Tuesday 9th May 2017, copies of which had been previously circulated, were proposed by Cllr. Isobel McGovern and seconded by Cllr. Audrey Lummis. All were in favour with the exception of Cllr. Julia Kinsey who abstained. They were approved as true and accurate records and were signed by the Chair.
  • Matters Arising


  1. Cllr. John Stanley, referring to item 7c, reported that he spoke again to the resident who was concerned that wire netting across the Gull may cause an obstruction. Cllr. Stanley noted that the recent heavy rain had not caused an obstruction nor flooding. Cllr. Stanley said he would speak to the resident who had put the wire netting in place and raise the concerns directly. ACTION: Cllr. John Stanley to progress.
  1. b) Julia Kinsey, referring to item 10d, asked why the Council’s safeguarding policy was necessary. Cllr. Martin Wyard replied it was necessary to have one due to the likelihood of children and vulnerable adults joining in events with adults. Cllr. Kinsey said she was the Safeguarding Officer for the Church and she offered to review the Council’s safeguarding policy. ACTION: Clerk to send safeguarding policy to Cllr. Julia Kinsey.
  2. c) John Stanley reviewed the actions in the minutes and those that were not completed are detailed in Appendix I.


  • Village Matters


  1. a) The Council agreed to replace the two metal bands at the base of the village sign. ACTION: Cllr. John Stanley to progress.
  2. b) John Stanley informed the Council that the domestic mower is not able to cope with cutting the grass at Jubilee Field and residents are having difficulty accessing the play equipment. Cllr. Stanley proposed raising funds to purchase a tractor mower which could also be used on Townlands meadow. Following a discussion, the Council agreed they were unlikely to raise sufficient funds to purchase a new mower. Cllr. Martin Wyard suggested formalising the grass cutting arrangements and inviting people to tender rather than relying upon volunteers. Cllr. John Tesh suggested that the Community Probation Service may be able to help. Cllr. Jude Chin said a schedule of works needs to be drawn up and put out to tender to residents who own a tractor mower. Cllr. Isobel McGovern suggested also putting a notice in The Bridge and a poster on the noticeboard. Cllr. John Stanley said a tractor/topper would be required. The following works were suggested for Jubilee Field: five grass cuts during the growing season, edges strimmed and any necessary cutting with a topper. Cllr. Stanley said he would speak to a resident for advice as to whether this would be sufficient. ACTION: Clerk to draft tender form and Cllr. John Stanley to speak to resident.
  • Accounts and Annual Return


  1. The Clerk reported that the internal audit had been completed but she had not received an internal audit report. The Council noted the internal auditor had completed his section of the Annual Return with no issues arising.
  1. b) The Council approved the Annual Governance Statement (Section 1) of the Annual Return.
  2. c) The Council approved the Accounting Statements (Section 2) of the Annual Return.
  1. The Council approved the Accounts for the financial year end 31st March 2017.
  2. 9.         Finance
  1. a) The Council noted the latest financial position detailed in Appendix II.
  2. b) The Council authorised the following payment. Proposed by Cllr. Isobel McGovern and seconded by Cllr. Audrey Lummis. All were in favour.
Details Payee Amount Power
Clerk’s Salary Sharon Smith £111.59 LGA 1972 s.112


  1. Administration

The Council approved the Statement of Internal Control.

  1. Correspondence

The Councillors noted the correspondence received between 6th May 2017 and 7th June 2017 detailed in Appendix III.


  1. Questions to the Chair a) Cllr. John Tesh reported he saw sewage being pumped out from the Gull again. ACTION: Cllr. John Stanley to telephone his contact.
  2. b) John Tesh asked if there was any update from the police or the Neighbourhood Watch team regarding a recent vehicle theft. Cllr. John Stanley replied that there is no longer a Neighbourhood Watch team and information about reported crimes could be found on Suffolk Constabulary’s website. ACTION: Clerk to check the Crime Map each month and report back to the Council.


  1. c) Audrey Lummis asked if there was any information about local horse riders keeping watch and providing the police with information about crimes. Cllr. John Stanley suggested asking about this at the next Police Locality meeting.
  2. Next Meeting

The date and time of the next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 11th July 2017 at 7:30 pm in the Village Hut.

The meeting closed at 8:40 pm.


Appendix I – Outstanding Actions


Meeting Date Item Ref Action Responsibility Comments
06/09/16 4f Jubilee field inspection – contact Flagship about damage Cllr. John Stanley Ongoing
06/09/16 4f Arrange SCDC play equipment inspection Clerk Ongoing
10/01/17 6a Inform SCDC of location of grit bins when in position Clerk Grit bins received but not sited yet
10/01/17 10b Upload statutory documents to the village website. Clerk Ongoing
09/05/17 9e Add Cllr. Isobel McGovern as a signatory to the bank accounts Clerk Ongoing




Appendix II – Financial Position

Bank Balances as at 10 May 2017
Barclays Community Account £1,496.29
Barclays Premium Account £1,853.45
Allocated Funds and Reserves
Reserves £500.00
Big Lottery Fund – Village Hut £395.00
Adnams Community Fund – Jubilee Field £188.00
SCDC – Jubilee Field £281.67
SALC – Office Equipment £138.20
Bank Balance less Allocated Funds and Reserves £1,846.87
Payments – June 2017
Clerk’s Salary £111.59
Net Balance £1,735.28



Appendix III – Correspondence

  1. a) SALC – Weekly Bulletin w/c 1 May, 8 May, 22 May. b) Age UK Suffolk – request for information. c)       SALC – LAIS 1400 Precept Data 2017-18 d)       SALC – Changes to Data Protection Legislation. e)       SALC – Suffolk Coastal Area Meeting. f)        SCDC – Coastal Partnership East Spring Edition g)       SCDC – General Election Constituency Notices. h)       SCC – Proposed Withdrawal of Local Bus Service 62. i)        Email from resident – B1119 speed limit. j)        Anglian Water – Private Pumping Stations. k)       Greenprint Forum – Invitation to two events. l)        Royal British Legion – Remembrance Survey. m)      The Pensions Regulator – Acknowledgement of Declaration of Compliance. n)       Seafarers UK – Fly the Red Ensign for Merchant Navy Day. o)       SCDC – Invitation to Official Opening of East Suffolk House. p)       Suffolk Preservation Society – Suffolk View magazine – Spring 2017.