Rendham Entertainment

There have been two very successful afternoons of fun and information organised by the Rendham Entertainments team. The first, in January, was a most delightful and amusing puppet show, put on by Miraiker and her World of Puppets. She was really good at involving the children and many of them had a great time investigating the stage and props, playing with the actual figures and finding out how it all worked.

Then in February we had a very successful Gardening session with Matt Tanton-Brown from The Place for Plants. His theme was pruning, and using samples of each type he gave a thoroughly good demonstration of how to deal with various plants. He dealt with many interesting questions in his characteristically amusing way and the audience were thoroughly satisfied with the whole presentation. This was much helped by the audio equipment – microphone, speakers and the new hearing loop, all working so very well, the latter thanks to Richard Pilgrim. Adding to the enjoyment were some delicious refreshments provided by the team. The events were well-attended and we have made profits on both shows-£56 for the puppets and £184 at the gardening event. Having available funds resulting from these and former successful events, it was decided to donate £200 pounds to our local CATS organisation (transport, not animals!) Thanks to all for their input.

Be reminded that there is the Village breakfast walk coming up on Sunday April 2nd, meeting at the village hall at 8.30 am with breakfast at 10 am – the cost £6. Breakfast only is allowed!