September 2016

Meeting held at Sweffling Hut

1. The Chairman welcomed all to the meeting:
Present were Chairman Cllr John Stanley, Vice-chairman Cllr Steve Smith, Cllr Martin Wyard, Cllr John Tesh, Cllr Jude Chin, Cllr Audrey Lummis, Cllr Issy McGovern. New clerk-to-be Sharon Smith was also present.
Apologies for absence were received from County Councillor Stephen Burroughes.

2. To receive members’ declarations of interest.
There were no declarations of interest.

3. Minutes of the SPC meeting of Tuesday 10th July 2016 were signed as a true record.

4. Councillors’ Reports
a. Speed Meeting 18th July – C.Cllr Stephen Burroughes
‘The Speed Panel Meeting Report’ was sent to SPC. Despite some opposition to the proposal the panel eventually agreed to reduce the speed limit from 60 to 30 mph. C.Cllr Burroughes said he would not leave until they agreed. It will take about 18 mths for this to be in place and the parish to see the benefits; meanwhile it needs to go out to consultation. Clerk to ask Bob Clench what the next steps are.
All Councillors had received and read the County Council Report, sent by Co. Cllr.
b. World of Planning Event 13th July – Cllrs J. Stanley & S. Smith attended.
This was an interesting meeting: – CIL money was explained with some already having been distributed; information on tree protection orders and neighbourhood plans with distribution of information re. ‘heritage assets’ to residents so that they know what is valued.
c. SNT Police Meeting 19th July Saxmundham – Cllrs A Lummis & J. Stanley
There was an attempted justification of local police cuts. There were questions about Neighbourhood Watch having been dropped – clerk to ask Jenny Tyson if she knows.
d. Devolution Meeting 4th Aug – Cllr J. Stanley. This is still open to consultation. There is no new money for the new ideas. Some posts will go but it will mean another layer of government. Objections re. an elected local mayor, can still be made.
e. Appointment of new clerk. Cllr J. Stanley welcomed Sharon as new clerk ready to take over 30th September. She and current clerk will meet later this month to hand over files, meanwhile SPC emails & documents on line will be streamlined and filed.
f. Checking Condition of SPC Assets
Sweffling Village Sign – action to stop deterioration – Cllr J. Stanley.
Part of the metal collar around the millstone at the base of the village sign corroded so has been removed for safety reasons. This must now be replaced, to keep the stones together, so Clerk to ask Keith Godman about the original provider, if not Peggs.
Flagship workmen have driven through the Jubilee Field, through the bramble hedge and out to the sewage works. John Stanley to walk round field and check- he has already noticed a chip out of the new gate. He will contact Flagship again.
Clerk to contact SCDC re Health and Safety Check for the field.
Councillors responsible to check the condition of SPC’s other assets.

5. Clerk’s report.
a. WW1 Plaque dedication Sunday 13th November ’16 with celebrations.
The new memorial plaque was available for viewing. Councillors requested that it be placed near the corner of the roadside wall so that it can be seen by passing motorists and those entering the car-park. Hut Committee to be consulted.
Plans are in place to unveil the memorial plaque with Rev Jonathan Olanczuk booked to conduct a short service of dedication. The celebration tea in the hut will follow. Clerk has followed up the suggestion to apply for lottery funding for this and asked Andy Blackburn for a quote per head for a ‘posh tea’ for 150 residents. £5 to £6 a head was quoted. The bid was supported by all councillors except one who abstained. When the result of this bid is known, clerk (J.A.) will make the arrangements for the tea on Nov 13th.
b. Grit Bins. The quote received was more expensive than had been anticipated and lacking in detail. District Councillor Carole Poulter had been asked how much she would be prepared to fund us for this project but no action is to be taken until we hear from her.
The plastic bins at around £80 each seem to be a good compromise but Clerk will contact SCDC to find out what capacity these need to be. It was suggested that the 2 boxes either end of Rectory Road and the one outside Wheelwrights should be yellow for visibility on B1119, whilst the 2 at either end of Mill Lane are green.
c. Maintenance of Jubilee Field – 4 new volunteers for mowing have come forward and they will shortly be receiving an induction for use of the mower. Geoff Rogers spent 3/4 hours cutting the rough areas with a tractor, ( Colin Sibley unavailable).
d. Jubilee Field – progress with bids for more sports money.
An application for £2199.70 Sportsfund money is currently being processed and we will know after 14th Sept if this bid has been successful – for the final phase of the Jubilee Field development: the Adult Trim Trail.
A cheque has been received from The Adnams Charity for £1,128 which will pay for the installation of a heavy-duty, vandal-proof goal post. Thanks go to Cllr Issy McGovern for this successful application. Clerk to write and thank Adnams Charity. Money has to be spent by July 2017 and report to be sent to Adnams at end of installation.
Clerk to ask the Townlands Trust if we can remove the old goal post as it was originally theirs.
e. Unexpected road closures – recent problems with road surfacing & BT works.
Clerk had reported unannounced road closures to SCC. Cllr Martin Wyard had also reported a particular road closure and had been given an apology.
f. Verge flora – a report of Japanese Knotweed, was found to be a misidentification, although unfortunately not before the plant had been sprayed. It is Himalayan Balsam an annual, nothing like the problem of Japanese Knotweed and is to be found in the ditch near the bowling green. There are other sensitive plants nearby and the advice is not to spray.

6. Correspondence
a. UK Power Networks 105 launch 6th Sept ’16 – information outreach with phone number 105 for those with powercuts. This will be publicised in ‘The Bridge’ with a link <> on the village website .
b. Suffolk’s PCC & Chief Constable’s Public Meeting
Tuesday 29th November 6.30pm, Leiston Community Centre, St Georges Ave.
Cllrs Audrey Lummis and John Stanley agreed to attend.
c. E. Suffolk Neighbourhood Plan Networking Forum
Wed 7th Sept 10.00 – 12.30 at Hacheston Village Hall. No SPC councillors to attend.
d. Rural Broadband Summit – Sep/Oct in Cratfield convened by Co. Cllr S. Burroughes. Date still to be arranged. David Fordham to be notified, plus 3 councillors interested (John Stanley, John Tesh & Issy McGovern).
e. Correspondence for circulation Emails to be circulated for discussion at next meeting.

7. Finance
a. To authorise cheques for signature. £
06/09/16 560 Crisps (Whites of E. Anglia) stationery 8.25
06/09/16 561 J. Abbott ½ year salary 300.00
and office expenses Aug/Sept 40.00
06/09/16 562 Geoff Rogers for cutting Jubilee Field 52.00
Total £400.25
b. b) To receive and approve payments since last meeting.
Payments have been received from: £
Adnams for mini football goal (Chq banked) 1,128.00
SuffolkNorse – Litterpick donation 20.00
Cash from sale of Millennium cards 20.00
Fete donation from proceeds for field maintenance 104.00
Total £1,272.00
c. To receive the financial report including balances at Barclay’s Bank.
Balances as at 06/09/16 at Barclay’s Bank:
Community Account £1,342.27
Business Account £ 775.15
Total £2,117.42 plus above 3 payments in: £2,261.42
minus £400.25 cheques out £1,861.17
d. Audit Progress.
BDO emailed in August to ask for clarification of the details of variances as outstanding review points. There will be no charge for this as the audit has been completed correctly. RFO replied in the set time for its conclusion and SPC has understood and accepted this.

8. Planning Matters
a. To receive planning decisions. – none received
b. To consider any planning applications – none received (website checked)

9. Matters to be brought to the attention of the council.
a. Signs erected at one end of the private road for bungalows in Glemham Road were reported by 2 parishioners as being ‘unfriendly’. These have been erected to stop dog fouling. SPC has no powers to intervene with matters on private- land.
Dog-fouling can be reported on-line to SCDC if the offending dog-owner is known.
b. A possible blockage on the Gull has been reported by parishioners, with rubble being dumped on the bank The Environment Agency has been alerted; and this will be followed up.
c. Flagship have felled the trees around the Blyth Villas sewage plant and are currently tidying the area.

10. Date of next meeting, time and venue. November 8th 7.30pm at the Village Hut.
Meetings in 2017 will be planned ahead at next meeting.
The meeting finished at 9.20p.m. and the Chairman thanked those attending.

Minutes by Mrs J A Abbott
Clerk to Swefling Parish Council
By Jill Abbott on September 6th, 2016