July 2016

Held at the Townland Trust Pavilion, Swefling

  1. Chairman’s welcome and to receive councillor’s apologies for absence.
    The Chairman welcomed all to the meeting – those present were Chairman Cllr.John Stanley
    Vice Chairman Cllr. Steve Smith, Cllr Martin Wyard, Cllr John Tesh, Cllr Issy McGovern,
    County Councillor Stephen Burroughes and two members of the public.
    Apologies were received and accepted from Cllr Audrey Lummis (holiday), Cllr Jude Chin (holiday) and District Councillor Carol Poulter.
  2. To receive members’ declarations of interest. Nothing relevant to this meeting was declared. Members were reminded to up-date the SCDC website if their circumstances change.
  3. To sign the Minutes of the meeting of 10th May 2016 as a true record. One small error was rectified on the minutes, (the date of a cheque). Having been circulated to all councillors earlier, the minutes were signed by the chairman.
  4. Clerk’s report
    4.1.               Annual Report matters – The Townland Trust liaising parishioner (Andy Franklin) has sent the Townlands Trust report so this was read to the meeting.
    All liaising councillors and parishioners, with outside bodies, are now confirmed; and are posted on the website. ACC – Anthony Wilkinson and Townland Trust – Andy Franklin.
    The clerk has heard from Mr Phil Johnson that he was unable to attend the Annual meeting or to provide a report as History Recorder. Clerk was asked to contact him again.
    4.2.               Transparency Code – measures taken. All information required by July to conform with the Transparency Code is now published on the Village website.
    4.3.               Register of Pecuniary Interests – up-date . Clerk has checked (13.6.16) SPC’s Register of Pecuniary interests (which is also available to the public on our website via a link) and all are up-to-date since the election of 2015.
    4.4.               WW1 Plaque – up-date and arrangements for dedication on Armistice Day
    The plaque is being made and will shortly be dispatched. Cllr John Stanley agreed to receive it if it comes during July. Signs of the Times sent a mock-up pattern for us to OK, a few weeks ago. The Rector has agreed to take a service of dedication at the Hut on Sunday 13th Nov, 3pm which will be followed by a celebration tea – details to be arranged.
    4.5.               Grit Bins – quote for 5 bins. Clerk is waiting for James Rowe to send this.
    The pattern for the bins should be like the ones at Marlesford.
    District Councillor Carol Poulter has agreed to put money from her budget for this.
  5. Councillors’ Reports
    5.1.               County Councillor’s Report. This was emailed earlier in the day to all SPC councillors. 3 areas were highlighted:
    5.1.1.Devolution – the current thinking is that Norfolk and Suffolk will work together which will benefit growth, housing and roads. The question is whether or not it will be a mayoral model with a possible referendum on this;
    5.1.2.The John Leman School has definitely been put on the map with their recent award.
    5.1.3.The dumping of rubbish has become a real problem. SPC councillors reported that it was not so easy to take rubbish to the tip because of closures or expenses in having rubbish collected. C. Cllr Stephen Burroughes promised to take this information back.
    Clerk to put notice in bridge re. dumping of rubbish and information regarding waste sites.
    5.1.4.B1119 Speed Meeting – CC Stephen Burroughes will put our case on 18th July at a speed meeting, time t.b.c. All papers to be sent to Stephen Burroughes by clerk. He will confirm if anyone from SPC can attend ( Cllr Martin Wyard would be prepared to attend).
    There followed discussion about recent events on the dangerous bends: more cases of up-turned cars on the bends west of the Sweffling White Horse, two cars in the hedge near Rendham Bridge; the large number of cyclists on the B1119 plus the cycle route that crosses it at the S. White Horse crossroads. It was suggested by SPC that SCC could publish a website with events that impinge on our roads – certainly more local communication is needed to avoid clashing events.
    5.1.5.Sweffling Village Hut Renovations have been completed thanks to £6000 donated from Stephen Burroughes Locality Budget.
    5.1.6.Congratulations To Stephen Burroughes on becoming Vice Chairman of SCC.
    5.2.               Jubilee Field development – The location of the proposed Trim Trail is accepted.
    Bid for sports pot money has been made from SCDC by clerk for the Trim trail and 1 goal.
    Bid for Adnams money for 2nd goal has been made by Cllr Issy McGovern.
    The circulated photos of the newly cut Jubilee Field showed a lovely job. It was suggested that a regime as in Gt Glemham playground could be adopted with paths being cut through the longer grass. More help is needed to regularly cut the short grass – notice to be put in ‘The Bridge’ to this effect to get more people involved.
    The ride-on lawn-mower does not cope with the outlying long grass. C.C. Stephen Burroughes says he could part-fund a new more powerful mower, from next year’s budget.
    We need to consider a sign at the entrance of the Jubilee Field.
    5.3.               News on Clerk’s replacement.  An application has been received for the clerk of Theberton/Eastbridge and Yoxford for SPC’s clerk’s post. It is proposed that Cllrs John Stanley and Steve Smith should have a meeting with her at the end of July followed by a meeting with SPC clerk later.
  6. Correspondence
    6.1.               Road Closure – 19th to 21st July 1900 hrs to 0500 hrs – Information on notice board and website with alternative route map.
    6.2.               Police communications
    6.2.1.Phonecall from PCSO Christian Hassler. – This was a follow-up call after Martin’s communication with Tim Passmore.              Leiston Police Station (Fram closed) covers our area – larger with fewer officers              4 PCs and 10 PCSOs for all this area: Saxmundham, Leiston, Aldeburgh, Framlingham, Halesworth and Eye              The PCC is following the cutbacks to the letter and the job has changed completely – it is mostly computer work and rural parishes will not get the services that we did              Christian Hassler, Thora Taylor PCSOs and PCs Jeff Burt and Carl Lawrence are names that we know and PCSO Christian Hassler will always be there to answer our questions on 101. Information to be published in Bridge and website.
    6.2.2.Email from PCSO Thora Taylor about keeping communications open. Next meeting at Saxmundham Market Hall 3.30pm 19th July. Clerk unable to go – ask Cllr Audrey Lummis.
    6.3.               Health and Safety Check on Play equipment. Email from Sovereign Play Systems to tell us that our swing is now out of guarantee – pointing out our H & S responsibilities. Clerk asked to arrange SCDC check in September.
    6.4.               World of Planning Event – 13th July Melton SCDC Offices – Cllrs John Stanley and Steve Smith will attend.
    6.5.               Countryside Access Consultation – Rights of Way Improvement Plan. On-line survey for various groups – clerk to ask Richard Tyson to make return and put information on the website for parishioners to have their say.
    6.6.               Maintenance of Jubilee Field – letter from Andy Franklin suggesting we get more people interested in cutting the Jubilee Field. He also sent photos of recent cut and uncut areas for comments (see 5.2 above).
    6.7.               CAS membership – all councillors can access the CAS website: login details are needed. Councillors requested that clerk give all email addresses to CAS so that this service can be utilised. CAS Membership is free this year.
    6.8.               Correspondence for circulation
    Emails to be circulated for discussion at next meeting.
  7. Finance
    7.1.               To authorise cheques for signature.                                                 £
    05.07.16 555 A. Franklin – mower fuel & strimmer line                                         44.73
    05.07.16 556 J. Abbott – clerk’s office expenses                                                   40.00
    05.07.16 557 St Mary’s PCC – donation for closed churchyard maintenance           250.00
    05.07.16 558 Village Hut Committee – PC rental                                                   65.00
    05.07.16 559 Townland Trust – Pavilion rental 05/07/16                                        10.00
    7.2.               To receive and approve payments since last meeting.              £
    16 .05.16 553 Signs of the Times for WW1 Plaque                                    354.00
    30. 05.16 554 Colin Sibley – Jub. Field Maintenance                                  135.00
    7.3.               To receive the financial report from the RFO including balances at Barclay’s.
    Community A/C                                     £624.00
    Business A/C                                         £775.03
    Total: £1399.03 less above payments:   £989.30
    7.4.               Asset Register and Insurance
    The Asset Register has been up-dated with the new gate and fencing after Orwell Housing sent the requested valuation. The extra insurance required at just over £3 has been waived for this year.
    7.5.               Audit progress – The Internal Audit has been completed satisfactorily. Thanks to Ken Goddard for his work on this. His comments were conveyed to the Council. The date for External Audit is 11th July and the completed forms are ready for posting.
  8. Planning Matters
    8.1.               To receive planning decisions. None received
    8.2.               To consider any planning applications. None received
  9. Matters to be brought to the attention of the council. Hedges and verges are becoming overgrown and now that they have stopped growing and birds have finished nesting – note to go in the Bridge and on website about parishioners’ responsibilities to keep them cut back.
  10. Date of next meeting, time and venue.
    Tuesday 6th September, 7.30pm 2016 in the Village Hut.

The meeting finished at 9.30pm

The chairman thanked those attending.

Minutes by Jill Abbott

Clerk To Swefling Parish Council

By Jill Abbott on July 5th, 2016