May 2016

Held in The Village Hut, Sweffling

  1. Election of Chairman
    Cllr John Stanley was unanimously voted as the new chairman of SPC
  2. Appointment of Vice-Chairman
    Cllr Steve Smith was appointed as Vice Chairman.
  3. Chairman’s Welcome
    The new chairman thanked Cllr Steve Smith for all his work over last 3 years in the important role of chairman of Swefling Parish Council..
    He welcomed all to the meeting, councillors present were Chairman John Stanley,
    Vice-chairman Steve Smith, John Tesh, Martin Wyard, Audrey Lummis and Issy McGovern,
    County Councillor Stephen Burroughes and District Councillor Carol Poulter.
    Apologies for absence were received from Cllr Jude Chin (illness).
  4. Declaration of interests
    None were declared. Councillors asked the clerk to check that all pecuniary interests have been up-dated on the website and that the link be sent to councillors if not.
  5. Appointment of ‘members’ to liaise with outside bodies
    Clerk to contact all names on the 2015 list to see if they are happy to continue with liaising.
    St. Mary’s PCC – Cllr John Tesh
    Sizewell Forum – Cllr John Tesh and Cllr Issy McGovern
    Highways and Police for B1119 matters – Cllr Martin Wyard
    Neighbourhood Watch – Mrs Jenny Tyson
    Tree Warden – Mrs Jenny Tyson
    Village Website – Adrian Kinsey
    Grant funding – Chairman (Cllr John Stanley)
    Finances – Cllr Jude Chin
    Townlands Trust, Swefling Hut and ACC
  6. To Sign the minutes of the last SPC Council Meeting of 15th March 2016
    The minutes, having been emailed to all after the last meeting, were accepted as a true record of the meeting 15/03/16. They were signed by Chairman Cllr John Stanley.
  7. Councillors’ Reports
    i) Speed on B1119 – Police response and future action (Cllr Martin Wyard).
    During the telephone conversation reported in 9b) Cllr Wyard took the opportunity to seek support from Chief Constable Gareth Wilson over the SPC bid to get the speed limit reduced on the B1119. This resulted in a letter being sent to SPC from the Chief Constable which was circulated to councillors. County Councillor Stephen Burroughes asked for the letter to help the case which he wants to take to the ‘Speed Panel.’ The Highways department is taking far too long in responding to the SPC Report which was sent in September 2015. Money has already been spent on signage on the B1119 from Framlingham, but traffic will only get worse from the growing Framlingham area.
    ii) Emergency Planning up-date (Cllr Steve Smith)
    Chairman Steve Smith met Martin Wyard and John Stanley recently to make progress on the Emergency Plan. There have been a number of new people moved into the village recently and their skills are not known or whether they would want to get involved. Should there be a survey? Parham has a good model which is well put together e.g. a telephone network. There are more questions about how action gets triggered which raises the need for co-ordinators. An opportunity for meeting people is needed next.
    iii) Transparency Code checklist(Cllr Steve Smith)
    As our budget does not exceed £25,000 our Parish Council will be exempt from an external audit from 2017. However all must be published on our community website from this July:
    All transactions over £100 – Accounts to confirm when date of transaction was made;
    The Annual Governance Statement;
    The Internal Audit;
    List of members responsibilities;
    List of Assets;
    Associated papers for meetings, 3 days prior to meeting;
    There is funding for a laptop and scanner /printer which could be considered for a new clerk.
    This information came from another clerk – it is possible SPC is missing out on information because it is not a member of SALC. A suggestion was made as to whether Rendham and Swefling could together share membership of SALC.
    There is also locality funding through Stephen Burroughes or Carole Poulter for such equipment
  8. Clerk’s Reports
    i) Jubilee Close (Orwell Development) – up-date
    Clerk and new chairman visited the site yesterday and were shown over the new housing. As well as an interesting preview showing the high standard of workmanship in the properties, this enabled us to check the ditch at the back of the gardens and fencing between. We will be in a better position to understand any problems that may arise e.g. with the Gull.
    The workmen have paid-back SPC for the use of its land for car-parking: the Jubilee Field has been cleared as far as possible from tree stumps and roots of blackthorn. Topsoil has been spread to level some of the more uneven ground and seeded. The old rusty swing frame has been removed, as has one goal post that was up against the fence of Plot 4. Clerk to convey thanks to Orwell H.A. for work done and SPC happy with the job.
    ii) Jubilee Field improvements – progress and maintenance.
    Cutting the field has been delayed due to the work done by Orwell H.A. Now the grass is too long for PC mower so Chairman proposed that Colin Sibley (Garden Maintenance) be asked to do as much as he can in a day’s work.
    Chairman asked councillors to meet on the field to decide where the new equipment for the Trim Trail should be placed now that the fence has been erected and to decide the number and positioning of new goal posts.
    Funding for sports equipment: Clerk to complete the bid for Sportspace money from SCDC which at £2725 will pay for the Trim Trail (3 items) and one goal post. A second goal post could be funded with money from the Adnams Charity..
    iii) Highways – Reports issued by SCC
    Pot-holes were reported in 4 venues and have been repaired in 2: Mill Lane and Glemham Road. The remaining 2 locations will be monitored: by Corner House at the end of Church Path and the kerbing area towards Rendham Bridge on the left of the B1119.
    iv) Consultation – Local Plan Proposed Submission Doc.
    It was noted that the ‘Special Areas of Landscape’ originally AP28 are still to be kept in. Although SPC had not felt this was necessary, councillors are happy with this decision.
    SPC do not feel the need to challenge the Local Plan Document and so the response from SPC is positive for the feedback required by 31st May.
    v) WW1 Commemoration Plaque for Sweffling Village Hut decision re. ordering.
    It was unanimously agreed that this special plaque should be ordered. The funds have now been collected from sales of Millennium cards and donations from individuals. The balance has been donated from the Townlands Trust for which we are grateful. The final cost is just under £360, clerk to check with the supplier. It will take around 6 weeks to make and it is suggested that a special dedication takes place on Remembrance Sunday 13th November 2016 with Rev Jonathan Olanczuk followed by a celebratory tea in the Village Hut.
  9. Correspondence
    a) Election of Police and Crime Commissioner – 5th May.
    Notice of the poll & a list of the candidates was required to be displayed on the notice-board.
    b) Letter from Chief Constable and PCC
    After the letter (over Christmas) from PCC Tim Passmore and CC Gareth Wilson re. cuts and changes to the SNT team, SPC wrote a letter of concern about the timing of the announcement and timescale of the changes. In reply Cllr Martin Wyard was phoned by the Chief Constable who agreed that the timing of the consultation was very poor. He agreed that there needed to be good communication between rural parishes and the local police (SNT Team). They are keeping their options open but concentrating on visibility i.e. Leiston where there is a high proportion of need. In fact 999 response time has improved in this area.
    c) Sizewell C April newsletter
    Details given of habitat recreation at Aldhurst Farm and EDF’s involvement in education.
    d) Suffolk Coastal Business and Community Awards – any nominations.
    There are 13 awards designed to recognise contributions, initiatives and successes of local businesses, groups or individuals. Councillors asked to consider any likely candidates and to email the Chairman if SPC wish to make a nomination (the deadline is 30th June)
  10. Finances
    a) To receive and approve payments since last meeting

    25.4.16 Cash from card sales £100.00
    25.4.16 Cheque from Townlands Trust for WW1 plaque £80.00
    30.4.16 Half yearly precept received £1100.00
    with precept grant £9.75

b) To authorise any cheques for signature

25.4.16 551 Crisps (Whites of E.Anglia) Stationery £32.39
25.4.16 552 J.Abbott (Clerk’s Office Expenses) £40
Total £72.39

c) To receive the financial report including balances from Barclays Bank.
Balances as at 10th May 2016:
Business Account £1674.91
Community Account 285.39
Total £1960.30
d) To approve up-dated Register of Assets and Risk Assessments (March 2016)
SPC Unanimously approved this register after an up-date from last meeting.
e) To review the effectiveness of the system of internal control – approval of Annual Governance Statement (Section 1 of Annual return).
SPC considered the statements and approved all unanimously
f) To consider the Statement of Accounts (Section 2 Of Annual Return) prepared by the RFO (see excel spreadsheet).
Cllr Steve Smith proposed that the Statement of Accounts be accepted and SPC voted unanimously to approve these accounts.
g) Internal Audit and the Exercise of Public Rights.
All documents relating to SPC finances will be handed to our internal auditor at the beginning of June ready for the external audit which takes place on 11th July.
The Exercise of Public Rights commences on 3rd June and will end on 14th July giving 30 days for the electors to have the opportunity of inspecting the accounts (even though unaudited and therefore subject to change) and other related documents.

11. Planning
a) To receive planning decisions
None received.
b) To consider any planning applications.
None received
12. Matters to be brought to the attention of the council.
Recent letter received by email regarding the Fire Service Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service Integrated Risk management Plan (May 2016) – any comments to Chairman please.
Possible names have been put forward for the position of Clerk:Chairman , Cllr John Stanley and Cllr Issy McGovern to liaise.
13. To confirm dates of next 2 meetings of Parish Council.

Tuesdays 7.30p.m. Village Hut:
July 5th and September 6th 2016

The meeting finished at 10.20p.m. and the Chairman thanked all who had attended.

Minutes by J.Abbott
Clerk to Swefling Parish Council

By Jill Abbott on May 10th, 2016