March 2016

Chairman’s welcome and to receive councillor’s apologies for absence.

1. The chairman Cllr Steve Smith welcomed councillors present: Cllrs Martin Wyard, John Tesh, Audrey Lummis, Issy McGovern and John Stanley.

Apologies were received from Cllr Jude Chin (work commitments) and Co.Cllr Stephen Burroughes (illness)

2. To receive members’ declarations of interest.

There were no declarations.

3. Minutes of the meeting of 19th January 2016, having been circulated to all, were signed as a true record.

4. Councillors’ Reports

a) County Council Report – Co. Cllr. Stephen Burroughes In his absence this report was circulated to all and points about Education and Broadband were discussed.

b) District Council Report – Dist. Cllr Carol Poulter. No report was received, councillors requested that their disappointment be relayed to our District Councillor that we had not heard from her at all.

c) Sizewell C – Up-date EDF Consultation , report from Cllr John Tesh. There is not much movement re Sizewell C or the communication from EDF. The last local meeting was March ’14 and all meetings have now been put back. EDF have 2 reactors under construction that have problems which are impacting on the Hinckley Point decision, which in turn impacts on Sizewell C. A new Director has just been appointed for Sizewell C. A meeting in June ’15 that CLLr John Tesh attended for local forum members turned out to be fact finding by SCDC.

d) Emergency Planning: Community Plan – progress report from Cllr Steve Smith.
Councillors Wyard and Stanley had met three times with the Chairman. The questions they are asking is what effect an emergency would have on our community; what are the local risks; who locally has skills and resources and what are the local places of safety? They are now in the process of putting together an Action Plan based on templates from the Emergency Planning website. A leaflet will eventually be produced for circulation to parishioners. Clerk to contact local Emergency Planning Group about our intentions.

5. Clerk’s report

a) Highways Up-date on B1119 Speed restriction request
There has been so action on the request for speed restriction on the B1119 through the parish. Councillors would like clerk to ask why, since it is exactly a year ago since the speed survey was completed. Clerk to email Stephen Burroughes with copy to Bob Clench.

b) Up-date on Jubilee Close development Mark Horton up-dated SPC on progress:
‘Now nearing the end of this building project, all bulk deliveries with large vehicles have now been made. The interiors are being completed and landscaping will start in the next few weeks. UK Power networks have completed the survey which will determine details of the electricity supply, but this has lead to a delay in completion.
As all 4 dwellings are affordable housing they will be advertised on the Gateway to Housing website 8 weeks prior to the builders handing over to Orwell.’
The new Business Manager for the next phase is Greg Dodds. When asked about the pay-back to SPC for Orwell’s borrowing the Jubilee Field, we have been redirected to him.
The parking places have now been completed outside 7-10 Blyth Villas, these 10 spaces are Flagship’s responsibility and will be for all the residents of Blyth Villas 1-10. Clerk to send this information to resident from Blyth Villas who is having problems finding a parking-space.

c) CIL/Sportspace & Playspace funding
Clerk has tried to find out more details of CIL payments: they are made twice a year and in instalments. All our current building projects were passed before July ’15 (i.e. pre-CIL) so there is money in the Sportspot.
Kimberley Summers is the CIL contact at SCDC. There is £2199.70 in the Sports-pot cleared, plus £518.94 about to clear. £6.55 in the Play-pot may be added giving a total of £2725.19. SPC agreed that clerk should go ahead with the 3rd phase of the recreational development on Jubilee Field, as planned in 2014 – the Adult Trim Trail and also to research prices for replacement goal posts. Cllr Issy McGovern volunteered to help research these.

d) Damage to Highways by Contractors
A letter was sent to the contractor who damaged the hedgerows and verges in November. There has been no reply. SCC Highways were also notified, but their on-line reporting system doesn’t easily cope with this type of complaint, so their reply was not appropriate.

e) WWI Commemoration Plaque
The fund for the new plaque stands at £201.50 which is £100 short of the price (minus VAT).
Clerk to put notice in the Bridge to appeal for the balance via donations.

f) Police up-date
No replies received as yet from Police Commissioner Tim Passmore or Chief Constable after a letter was sent to both, re PCSOs jobs, the closure of local police stations and the much larger areas that our PCSOs will need to cover. SPC feels vulnerable residents not adequately protected and crime figures will inevitably rise.

g) Litter-pick
Cllr Audrey Lummis reported a successful Litter-pick on the morning of the ACC Flower Show Saturday 12th March. All roads were covered by 12.30pm, around 18 people took part and 16 bags of rubbish were collected. Clerk to put information on Website re ‘Clean for the Queen’ to receive £20 grant .
Letter of complaint received about rubber gloves being found in The Gull. Clerk asked to put note in ‘The Bridge’ about location of ‘Dog Bins’ and responsibility to keep The Gull unpolluted.

6. Correspondence

a) HM Queen Elizabeth 90th Birthday Commemorations – SPC decided not to respond to various ideas to commemorate this royal milestone.

b) SCDC/WDC – East Suffolk Business Plan. recently pub. brochure is to be circulated to councillors.

c) Consultation on Air Quality. Stratford St. Andrew has been identified as having poor air quality (Up-dating and Screening Assessment Report 2015), showing levels of NO2 above the Air Quality Objectives. A draft Action Plan is being put in place for consultation.

d) Transparency Code for small councils – information
Cllr Steve Smith has agreed to look into the code and see what needs to be done before July 2016.

e) Rural Transport Contracts. Several notifications received:
As from June 13th the Community Bus – Demand Responsive Service known as Suffolk-Links will be run by CATS (Coastal Accessible Transport Service Ltd), who have taken over this tender from SCC.
The service 196 through the village from Framlingham to Saxmundham on Wednesdays and Saturdays will cease. Service 121 will revert to the first Tuesday of the month only, (a cut of 50%).
Clerk has contacted the Senior Transport Officer for SCC about service 62 to see if this can be brought through the village from B1119.( Saxmundham to Woodbridge).

f) Letter re. parking at Blyth |Villas Email received from resident in Blyth Villas re problem with parking on newly created spaces on the access road to Jubilee Close. Flagship are responsible, but the new 10 places are for all Blyth Villas residents, not just the bungalows.

7. Finances

a) To authorise cheques for signature: £
15/03/16 Andy Franklin for E. Doe’s Mower part 29.15
15/03/16 Clerk’s half yearly salary 300.00and office expenses 40.00

b) To receive and approve payments since last meeting.
Cash received in response to card sales 61.20 and donations for the Hut Plaque 50.00
Total 101.20

c) To receive the financial report from the RFO including balances at Barclay’s Bank.
Statements are no longer sent out by post and must be printed from website.
Balances as at 14/03/16 £
Community A/C 474.56
Business A/C 565.16
Total £ 1039.72 + £89. 30 cash Total = £1129.02

d) To approve the asset register and risk assessments. Clerk presented the up-dated asset register. Chairman pointed out a missing item – the newly planted hedge in Jubilee Field. SPC voted to approve an amended Asset and Risks register with the hedge included.

8. Planning Matters

a) To receive planning decisions. No decisions received.

b) To consider any planning applications. No new planning applications received.

9. Matters to be brought to the attention of the council.

Cllr John Tesh reported pot-holes in several roads and also dangerous erosion of the edge of the road between Bridge Farm corner (opposite side of the road) and Rendham Bridge. Clerk to identify exact locations in Rectory Road, Mill Road & Glemham Road and report to SCC highways website.
Deed of Variation for Jubilee Close clearly states that up-keep of the road is not PC responsibility – it will be Highways with Flagship.
Clerk’s replacement has not yet been found but there have been some discussions with possible candidates.

10. Date of Annual Parish Meeting,

Next meeting (Annual Meeting and SPC Meeting), time and venue

Tuesday 10th May 2016 7 pm at Sweffling Village Hut. Village organisations to be notified.

Minutes by Mrs J. Abbott

Clerk to Swefling Parish Council

By Jill Abbott on March 15th, 2016