January 2016

The Chairman welcomed all

1. Present were: 4 Councillors and one member of the public.
Apologies for absence were received and accepted from: Cllr. Jude Chin, Cllr John Tesh.
County Councillor Stephen Burroughes and District Councillor Carol Poulter.

2. Members’ declarations of interest

Received from Cllr John Stanley for 4b.

3. Minutes of the meeting Tuesday 10th Nov 2015

Having been circulated, were signed as a true record.

4. Clerk’s report

a) Co-option of new councillor
Isobel McGovern has agreed to be co-opted onto the council, she signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office, was thanked and welcomed by the Chairman .
b) Orwell Housing Up-date
Orwell Housing sent a progress report on the Holden’s Lane development : The access road was slightly delayed but is now progressing well and will be imminently completed. All of the units except the bungalow are now watertight. The 2nd fix electrical items are now well underway. The scheme is on schedule for completion this May.
SCDC have confirmed that at our request the development will be known as Jubilee Close.
c) B1119 Speed Review Up-date
Bob Clench of the SCC Highways Dept has not made any progress with this request. Clerk asked to relay SPC disappointment and to give details of 3 accidents on the bends in Nov/Dec.
d) Jubilee Field maintenance schedule
No Field Maintenance work will be required for Jubilee field until the development has been finished.
e) Grit Bins – information
Green plastic 100 L. bins can be bought for £79 (plus delivery + VAT). Local handyman can make 2 for about £70 from boarding which would contain the grit but without a lid. 5 areas have been identified as needing grit/salt: Clerk to ask for a quote to construct and locate these, (in September). Also to enquire whether District Councillor would fund these.
f) Sign for Hut – details and quote.
The Hut Committee have agreed on a design and wording for a memorial plaque for the exterior of the Village Hut to be made by ‘Signs of the Times’ cost £367.20.
PC has about £130 towards this cost. More funding is needed before ordering.
g) Highways and footpaths – complaints and maps.
The footpath access opposite the end of Church path on Rectory Road had become very slippery so the Highways Dept have built steps and a handrail after a complaint from a villager.
The definitive footpath map for the Parish has been posted on the PC notice-board . The clerk was asked to obtain a new map of the village but has been assured that the 2005 Conclusive Map is the most recent.
Several complaints were received about the state of the roads after a contractor had cut hedges at the end of November. Private hedges were also cut, verges and banks damaged. Recent complaints have also been received about the carelessness of tractor drivers damaging road signs and ditches (causing flooding), and vehicles needing new tyres after debris was left on the roads. The Clerk has been asked to write to the contractor and to Highways to make them aware.

5. Councillors’ Reports

a) County Council Report (CCllr Stephen Burroughes)
This report was circulated and filed.
b) District Council Report (DCllr Carol Poulter).
In her absence this report was circulated & filed.
c) SCC & SCDC Town & Parish Financial Briefing Nov 16th ’15 (Cllrs S. Smith & J. Chin).
The Chairman reported that the essential message was that front line services were still being maintained despite a saving of £170m. From 2016-18 £73m. will still have to be saved but this will be through ‘transformation of services’ not ‘cuts.’
d) Winter Weather Gritting Workshop Nov 23rd ’15 (Cllr.John Stanley)
A written report from Cllr John Stanley is filed with these minutes. It was a useful meeting about preparation for winter. Open heaps of grit are deemed wasteful and damaging to the environment. We need to enclose our grit heaps. We also need to write a Community Emergency Plan (CEP) thus getting further support from the Suffolk Community Resilience Team. Clerk holds the ‘Community Preparedness – Winter gritting Pack’
e) Emergency Planning – Community Plan (Cllr. Steve Smith)
Discussion was based on the ‘Get Prepared Now’ website which monitors Community Planning Progress and is very helpful in listing hazards that a Parish might experience. It would be of benefit to be registered with the Resilience Team as there would be a phone number registered with them to make contact in the event of an emergency. The Community Emergency Plan for SPC will be presented at the next meeting.
f) SP Expenses Policy (Cllr.Jude Chin) presentation and discussion for adoption.
The policy was accepted unanimously by SPC. The Chairman signed the Expenses Policy as adopted.

6. Correspondence

a) Local Policing Review – letter from Gareth Wilson temp. (Chief Constable & Tim Passmore)
Discussion revealed the following points that SPC would like sent to Tim Passmore and Leigh Jenkins who is co-ordinating match funding of PCSOs(on behalf of Chief Constable): ‘SPC is greatly disappointed that the important issue of the deployment of PCSOs was relayed to Town and Parish Councils over the Christmas break, at a time when our parish council was not meeting and there was no time for communication. The meeting of 6th January was thus missed.’ ‘PCSOs in this area had made great strides over the last few years to make meaningful contact in our Parish with support for vulnerable villagers. Swefling Parish Council therefore greatly regrets that the current PCSOs posts have been removed.’
b) Fire & Rescue Service Integrated Risk Management Plan – consultation from Nov – 22nd Feb 2016
After discussion the Chairman suggested that he would respond to this consultation.
c) Electoral Register
Clerk has requested that the up-dated Register be sent by email.

7. Finances

a) To authorise cheques for signature
19/01/16 0547 H.G.Crisp (Whites of E. Anglia) Stationery £10.15
19/01/16 0548 J.Abbott – Clerk’s office expenses £ 40.00
b) To receive and approve payments since last meeting:
03/12/15 0545 Ernest Doe – mower repair £ 181.16
03/12/15 0546 CAS revised insurance premium £ 364.22
These 4 payments totalling £595.53 were approved.
02/12/15 Cash received for sale of cards £ 56.20
19/01/16 Townlands Trust (mower repair) 91.18 (not yet deposited)
c) To receive the financial report from the RFO including balances at Barclay’s Bank.
The precept for 2016/17 has been set to remain at £2,200.
The balance at Barclay’s Bank is as follows: Community Account: £184.13
Business Account: £815.06 Total £999.19 (not including £91.18 TT cheque)

8. Planning Matters

a) To receive planning decisions.
DC/15/3355/FUL Smythes Barn Low Road – Application permitted
DC/14/2074/ FUL Refurb. garage, Hall Cottage, Cransford Rd, – pending consideration
DC/15/0435/FUL Land adj.Mill House, Mill Rd -.pending consideration
b) To consider any planning applications:
DC/15/5180FUL Pound Farm -proposed residential building housing biomass boiler
Pending consideration – SPC has no objection.

9. Matters to be brought to the attention of the council.

Litter-pick Cllr Audrey Lummis will organise this again. Date 12th March 10a.m. – 12 noon. As before pickers to meet in the Village Hut car-park to be given equipment and be allotted a road/area.
Parish Council email A suggestion from the Clerk that a new email address should be set up, dedicated for PC emails, was welcomed by SPC. This would be in readiness for a new clerk.

10. Date of next meetings, time and venue.

Next PC meeting was confirmed as 15th March 7.30 p.m. in the Village Hut

Date of Annual Parish Meeting followed by Parish Council Meeting is 10th May, Village Hut


Signed …………………………………..Mrs J A Abbott

Clerk to Swefling Parish Council


By Jill Abbott on January 30th, 2016