November 2015

Chairman’s welcome and to receive councillors’ apologies for absence.

1. Present were 5 councillors; County Councillor Stephen Burroughes.
No members of the public.
Apologies were received from Cllr John Tesh and District Councillor Carol Poulter both at other meetings.

2. To receive members’ declarations of interest. None were declared.

Councillors were reminded to up-date their details on the website.

3. To sign the Minutes of the meeting of 8th September.

The minutes, having been emailed to all at an earlier date, were signed as a true record.

4. Clerk’s report

a) Orwell Housing Development up-date.All planning has now been passed including the condition re. drainage, with the sewage contract going to Binders.
Kelly Biddle (Senior Development Officer with Orwell) is in communication, and wants to pass on her thanks to the surrounding residents who have been very helpful and accommodating.
A letter asking if SPC would allow Orwell to use a piece of the Jubilee Field for parking was received with a plan. SPC insurance company was consulted. A positive response was sent with conditions and a request for recompense. This was accepted but a reply re. the recompense is yet to be received. (All copies filed)
The project is due to finish in April, but realistically will be late Spring due to a later than expected start. Clerk to put notice in ‘The Bridge’ thanking residents and also asking that parking is restricted to the marked area.
Clerk asked to inquire about process of naming the new road.
b) Jubilee Field and Play Area Up-date.
The new play equipment and picnic table was installed on 23/09/15 and inspected with the release of the SCDC sports grant.
26/09/15 A letter was received on behalf of the residents of Blyth Villas complaining about their lack of privacy. Reply sent 02/10/15 (copies filed)
Mower broke down again 13/10/15 and A. Franklin reported that it was the same problem as earlier in the year and disappointing that they had not replaced the carburettor in the first place.
Clerk to send letter of complaint to E Doe before the payment. Also Townlands Trust to be asked if they will share in the cost.
c) Drainage down Holdens Lane/The Gull Up-date
Holden’s Lane was closed mid October for improvements to the drainage after flooding in Winter 2014/15. Bob Clench (Area Highways Officer) sent report detailing the work undertaken including repairs to a broken underground pipe outside Blyth Villas. All planned work was finished. Clerk to ask Environment Agency about flushing out Washbrook Corner Culvert.
Cllr John Stanley living nearby is keeping an eye on any surface water over the winter.

5. Councillors’ Reports

a) County Councillor Stephen Burroughes Report (filed).
Co.Cllr. Stephen Burroughes high-lighted from his report: the good news for Suffolk Education; the needs to be addressed with ‘Looked After ‘ Children in schools; the road improvements for the A12 known as the ‘4 Villages Bypass’; progress with Sizewell C
Our County Councillor was thanked for again attending our meeting and for his continuing support for Swefling Parish.
b) District Councillor Carol Poulter’s Report. (filed)
In D.C Cllr Carol Poulter’s absence C.C. Stephen Burroughes promised to email his version.
He high-lighted SCDC’s £50,000 towards the 4 villages’ by-pass;brown bins recycling scheme still to be free to residents; grants available for community projects and Emergency Planning Schemes.
c) ‘Scheme of Delegation’ information meeting 2nd Nov
– Cllrs Steve Smith & John Stanley attended this meeting at the Council Chamber in Melton.
Cllr J. Stanley reported that planning applications will still carry 21 days in which a local council will need to respond. The change is that if 3 people are against the application then there is just 5 days to respond via email to a committee referral address. This will start next week (16/11/15), and will cut down the number of cases that go to committee. The District Councillor still has the power to ‘call in’ any planning applications.
d) Emergency Planning discussion led by Chairman Steve Smith
Cllr Steve Smith has been looking at the CES website and their proforma to generate a community plan; also other local village websites e.g. Tunstall.
Cllr Steve Smith proposed that he and 2 members of the council (Cllr Martin Wyard & Cllr Audrey Lummis) put a plan together to be reviewed by the others before next meeting.

6. Correspondence

a) B1119 review of speed limit through village
Bob Clench has advised SPC of his support for this project and he intends to send his report as soon as possible.
b) Public Consultation: documents re.Local Plan
Response by 30th November.
Discussion around the Swefling map noted that the green area AP28 was still present – why, when SPC had in February, stated they were happy for it to be removed? Also it was felt that many town plans were rather out of date, regarding housing.
c) Highways response re. obstruction in Holdens Lane.
SCC cannot proceed with this case as it is not known who owns this land. Clerk to phone with SPC concern over safety.
d) BT Broadband roll-out meeting Mon 16th Nov 7pm at Bruisyard Village Hall
David Fordham and Cllr John Stanley to attend.
e) SCDC Budget Meeting Melton Hill Woodbridge Mon 16th Nov 6.30pm
Chairman Cllr Steve Smith and Cllr Jude Chin to attend.
f) World of Planning Meeting , Riverside Centre 17th Nov meeting 2-4pm
Cllr John Stanley to attend
g) Land Registry docs for Jubilee Field
Solicitor waiting for Land Registry to respond to the 3 suggested addresses. NB Remember to keep these up-to-date.
h) Co-option of Parish Councillor
Letter received from SCDC advising that we co-opt a new councillor as there has been no response to the advert. Clerk given names of parishioners who might be interested, to replace Ann Hirst.

Cllr Steve Smith announced he will be standing down from the Chair in May

30 emails were circulated for information or discussion.

7. Finances

a) To authorise cheques for signature
5 cheques Totalling £4210.66 were authorised
b) To receive and approve payments since last meeting.
30/09/15 SCDC Precept (£1100) + grant £1129.74
02/10/15 SCDC 2nd payment of Sports Grant 1812.49
26/10/15 Sweffling Fete Committee donation for Jubilee Field 100.00
26/10/15 Police Donation redirected from Sweffling Fete Committee 50.00
10/11/15 Reclaimed VAT from HMRC 914.77 Total £4007
c) To receive the financial report from the RFO including balances at Barclay’s Bank.
Balance a s at 10th November 2015:
Business Account: £1,364.91
Community Account: £ 198.29 Total – £1,563.20
d) To review the budget for 2016/17 and vote on any change needed for the precept
Cllr Jude Chin was thanked for supporting the clerk with the budget review which was presented to SPC and supported unanimously (copy filed). The precept will therefore remain the same for 2016/17, £2,200.

8. Planning Matters

a) To receive planning decisions.
DC/15/3515/DRC -Land behind Blyth Villas/ Fairways all conditions now discharged.
DC/15/2362/FUL – The Old Farmhouse, Holdens Lane resubmitted plans(withdrawn) with 2-storey extension now to rear of building now permitted.
DC/15/1282/LBC – Yew Tree Farmhouse, Cransford Road – application permitted
DC/15/0899/PN3 – Pound farm, Cransford Road, Change of use from 2 agricultural buildings to 2 dwellings – application permitted.
b) To consider any planning applications.
DC/15/3355/FUL – Smythes Barn extension to existing outbuildings to form larger annex to main dwelling. Application supported by SPC but decision still pending.
DC/15/0435/FUL- Land Adjacent to Mill Lane. Application not supported by SPC but committee date pending. NB.New planning officer.
DC/14/2074/FUL – Hall Cottage, Cransford Road, Garage refurbishment
Consideration by SPC was positive. Clerk to respond by 18th November that this is an improvement in keeping with landscape and SPC happy to recommend this application.

9. Matters to be brought to the attention of the council.

  • Clerk reported that Adrian Kinsey, who has recently taken running the village website, has been extremely helpful in posting many Parish Council reports and notices for the parish. It was proposed he should be formally thanked.
  • Clerk has received the definitive map of footpaths in the parish from Richard Tyson.
    Cllr Martin Wyard to scan and send to each councillor.
    The Chairman asked the Clerk to obtain an up-to-date Parish map.
  • Cllr Lummis asked about making the piles of sand at junctions tidier e.g. in bins or with some wooden surround, to contain it. Clerk to make inquiries/costings.

10. Date of next meeting, time and venue:

Tuesday 19th January 2016 7.30pm at Swefling Hut

Minutes by Mrs J. A. Abbott

Clerk to Parish Council

By Jill Abbott on December 4th, 2015