September 2015

The Chairman welcomed all to the meeting

1. Present were Chairman & 5 councillors and District Councillor Carol Poulter.
Apologies were received and accepted from Cllr Ann Hirst and County Councillor Stephen Burroughes.

2. To receive members’ declarations of interest

None were received
Reminders were given to councillors to up-date their records on-line.

3. Minutes

Minutes of the meeting of 7th July 2015 having been sent to all via email were signed as a true record.

4. Clerk’s report

a) Jubilee Field
i) Maintenance up-date
Colin Sibley is taking up a maintenance contract to cut the rough areas. Clerk to request a cut before the new play equipment is installed. The new Tondu wheeled trimmer has been purchased from Ernest Doe at a cost of £285 including VAT. There was a vote of thanks to the Chairman for all his hard work cutting the Jubilee Field
ii) Grant for sports and installation of new equipment. The grant from the sports pot at SCDC Playspace has been awarded and the first instalment of £1812.49. received. The Hide ‘n Seek Trail and picnic bench (money for which has been donated by the Townlands Trust) ordered from Sovereign will be installed starting 23rd September, and taking 2 days. Sarah Shinnie SCDC will release the rest of the money after inspection.
b) Orwell Housing up-date
i) Report for delegated Planning Application
Greg Dodds from Orwell Housing responded to questions regarding details of the build and the application for the discharge of certain planning conditions.
• The dwellings will be heated by means of Air Source heat Pumps.
• The contractor will maintain safe access and a line of communication will be set up with residents.
• Orwell Housing have agreed with SCDC to have a separate Nomination Agreement in place which will ensure that local families are given a priority.
• Orwell will be clearing the ditch and maintaining it as part of the scheme which should improve the drainage in the area
• Kelly Biddle <> is the liaison personnel between village and contractors.
ii)Deed of Nomination. Unfortunately, news of this Nomination Agreement did not reach SPC until after it had put in a formal objection to the Discharge of Conditions. SPC then asked our solicitor James Robbins to clarify the Deed of Nomination which he did to our satisfaction. SPC then withdrew its objection allowing most of the conditions to be discharged and the application was given permission on August 4th. Clause 25 on drainage has not been discharged yet as details had still to be finalised. The new the Planning Application for this is DC/15/3515/DRC
iii) Land Registry. Following completion of the land transfer and the Deed of Variation , the application for registration has now been completed at land registry and our Solicitor James Robbins has sent a copy of:
• The amended Title (and Deed Of Variation) to the main site of Jubilee field (title no SK330198).
• Completion of registration of the small triangular area of land which was transferred at the same time (title no SK360912).
Our solicitor asks that the address on the Proprietorship Register is kept up-to-date.
c) Suffolk Coastal Chairman’s Challenge – visit to Village Fete Chairman of SCDC Susan Harvey set herself the challenge of visiting all parishes in the region during 2015/16 her first year of office. She was invited to attend Sweffling Village Fete 15/08 and came, staying long enough to get a positive feel for Sweffling’s spirit of community.
d) Councillor Hirst’s resignation – advert for new councillor. The Council has received Ann Hirst’s’s resignation following the family’s decision to move out of the village. SCDC have been informed but an advert cannot be displayed until her resignation comes into effect on 30th September 2015. Clerk to thank Ann Hirst for all her hard work and enthusiasm over the years.
e) Millennium Cards A box of cards and envelopes remain unsold and it was agreed that they could be advertised on the website; through the pub and campsites as well as in ‘The Bridge’ to boost funds.

5. Councillors’ Reports

a) County Councillor Report from Cllr. Steven Burroughes In his absence Cllr Burroughes report was read (and filed) and 3 points were highlighted: Encouraging Results for Suffolk GCSE students; new cash injection for Suffolk’s Broadband programme and new Meningitis vaccination programme launched.
Co. Cllr. Stephen Burroughes was commended for his detailed report.
b) District Councillor’s Report from Cllr Carol Poulter Cllr Poulter has been a councillor before and here in Hacheston she has the largest ward in the area. She is the cabinet member for The Environment.
She gave an account of current issues affecting SCDC: including devolution, (SCC being a trial area in Health, Social care etc); discussions over refuse collections, as SCC want to charge extra for the recycling of green waste in the brown bins also she has the Leisure Portfolio with a busy summer of events.
SPC had asked for a explanation of CIL which replaces the old 106 agreement. Cllr Poulter referred to Tony Fryatt was the expert and would be happy to explain more at our next meeting and to answer questions relevant to our Parish
The Chairman thanked Cllr Poulter for coming to our meeting and giving her report.
c) Celebrating Swefling – an appreciation of the changing face of the Parish
i) Sweffling White Horse – change of focal point in village Cllr Martin Wyard The SWH has won several Eco-awards and is the CAMRA pub of the year for E.Anglia. New businesses on the B1119: campsites at ‘Alde Garden’ and ‘Larks and Lanterns’ have moved the focal point of the village northwards with 25% of residents now living on or north of the B1119.
ii) Speed limit on B1119. Report from Cllr John Stanley. SCC and National Policies suggest that this road should already be a 30 mph limit. Now that the focal point of the village has changed; tourism is an important factor in the area with cyclists and walkers from the campsites making regular use of the road. We need support from both District and County Councillors to get the national speed limit of 60mph reviewed on the stretch of the B1119 that passes through the Village. District Councillor Carol Poulter recommends such a review and suggested that County Councillor Stephen Burroughes was the man to take this forward.
iii) Heritage assets in the village – Report of meeting with parishioners. SPC response to Public Consultation – draft Criteria for the identification of non- designated heritage assets. Cllr Steve Smith reported on the meeting held in the Town Meadow Pavilion on August 6th 2015 which was attended by 6 other villagers. A list was made of the assets of the village, which were set under the four categories suggested by SCDC. These are Archaeological Interest, Architectural Interest, Artistic Interest and Historic Interest. The meeting recommended that an extra category of Landscape Interest was needed to cover rural features such as ancient hedgerows, field systems, the natural meandering of the river and such historical remnants such as the grassed triangles at road junctions. The findings are recorded in tabulated form and have been sent to those who attended the meeting. Clerk to contact Records Office re. various dwellings and features of parish.
d) Review of PC meeting venue Cllr Martin Wyard led a discussion. After one year of meetings in the Village Hut it was concluded that the Hut is more accessible to all and more comfortable for meetings than in the church.
e) Sizewell C – Up-date EDF Consultation. Cllr Professor Tesh reported on a meeting attended in June. There appears to be very little movement in the progress of Sizewell C plans with problems re. funding and Hinckley Point also set back. An EDF power-station, of similar construction, in Norway has been found to have faults.
The next Forum meeting scheduled for November, but put back to Spring, is now to be some time in the future.
Cllr John Tesh was thanked for his report.
f) Reminder about clearing the Gull – Cllr Steve Smith proposed that, a notice should be posted in the Bridge and on the website to remind villagers to clear any watercourses adjacent or through their land, before winter sets in.

6. Correspondence

a) Changes to the Scheme of Delegation Relating to the Determination of Planning Applications
SCDC notified SPC of constitutional changes to the planning service. A single committee will now meet every 3 weeks. Where a Town or Parish Council and/or 3 neighbour responses has a view contrary to the officer recommendation, the ward member will be called in who may request the application to be considered at committee.
b) E Suffolk Greenprint Forum Community Conference 14/9/15 Riverside Centre, ‘Water Essential Element’
c) Neighbourhood Plan Networking Forum – Thurs 1st Oct Riverside Centre, 10 – 1pm
d) Email re highway obstruction in Holden’s Lane Complaint received from Councillor. Details including photo sent to SCC Highways Dept.
e) Complaint about dog-fouling on Jubilee Field/Blyth Villas access road
Daniel Wareing from Waste Management SCDC Norse has sent letters to occupiers of 1-10 Blyth Villas about dog fouling in the area of the Jubilee Field and access area. Clerk asked to put a notice in the Bridge to make other villagers aware.
f) Uncontested Election Fee Expected invoice received for £100.
g) CATS buses survey – due by Sept 25th. Clerk asked to complete this.
h) Police on-line survey Chairman Steve Smith agreed to fill this in on behalf of SPC
i) SCDC Annual Town/Parish Council Liaison Review Meeting 16th Nov 6.30pm at Melton Hill. Noted in diary
Correspondence for circulation Emails to be circulated for discussion at next meeting.

7. Finances

a) To authorise cheques for signature – 3 cheques totalling £459 60 were authorised.
b) To receive & approve payments since last meeting – 4 cheques approved for field maintenance totalling £764.60
Cheque received from Townlands Trust for half cost of repair to mower and new blades. £135.00
c) To receive the financial report from the RFO including balances at Barclay’s Bank
As at 8th September 2015: Business Account: £1707.91
Current Account: £ 562.89 Total £2270.80
The rest of the grant will also be received on inspection of play equipment installation of £1812.49
There will be VAT to claim back. The half yearly precept is also due at the end of September £1129.74
d) Audit conclusion
The Audit has been completed by BDO, the External Auditors, with no matters brought to attention. A notice of the conclusion is displayed for 14 days from 1st September on the PC noticeboard.

8. Planning Matters

a) To receive planning decisions
DC/15/1996/VOC Land behind Blyth Villas Application permitted
DC/15/3515/DRC Land behind Blyth Villas All conditions except ’25 Drainage ‘ discharged
DC/15/2362/FUL The Old Farmhouse, Holdens Lane Pending consideration
DC/15/2911/DRC Yew Tree Farm (details as required by condition of DC/15/1282/LBC) pending consideration
DC/15/3199/DRC Pound Farm Outbuildings Pending Consideration
b) To consider any planning applications
DC/15/3355/FUL Smythes Barn, Low Road IP17 2BB currently being considered by SPC

9. Matters to be brought to the attention of the council

The Chairman would like to put ‘Emergency Planning on the agenda for next meeting

10. Date of next meeting, time and venue

Tuesday 10th November 7.30pm at Village Hut
The meeting finished at 9.55pm Signed

Mrs J.A.Abbott (Clerk to Swefling Parish Council)

By Jill Abbott on September 8th, 2015