July 2015

The Chairman welcomed all present:

  1. Chairman Cllr Steve Smith, Vice Chairman Cllr Martin Wyard, Cllr Jude Chin, Cllr Audrey Lummis, Cllr John Stanley and 3 members of the public.
    Apologies for absence were received and accepted from Cllr John Tesh and Cllr Ann Hirst ; also from County Cllr Stephen Burroughes and District Councillor Carol Poulter ( both at Council meetings).
  2. To receive members’ declarations of interest.
    Cllr John Stanley declared an interest in 8b as his house backs onto the proposed area of building.
    The Chairman reminded Councillors to up-date their pecuniary interests on the website.
  3. Minutes. The Minutes of the meeting of 2nd June 2015 were signed as a true record.
  4. Clerk’s report
    a) Jubilee Field
    i) Re maintenance contracts and hiring v buying equipment
    There have been problems with the cutting of the field and equipment is being repaired. The Clerk has contacted 2 firms re grass-cutting for the rough areas, but not yet had the quotes for maintenance contracts .
    Councillors unanimously agreed to purchase a wheeled strimmer from Ernest Doe, quoted at £285 incl. VAT.
    ii) Health and Safety inspection of play area.
    A report has been received from Simon Walker on the safety aspects of the Jubilee Field after his visit in June. A few minor details were highlighted and the report is filed.
    b) Highways report re. speed signs in The Street. These 30mph signs were hidden in the overgrown hedge. When reported, the reply indicated that they would be dealt with this year.
  5. Councillors’ Reports
    a) County Councillor’s Report – Cllr Stephen Burroughes
    This report was emailed to all and headings read out. In his absence Cllr Burroughes was thanked for his continuing support and regular up-dates.
    b) District Councillor’s Report – Councillor Carol Poulter
    This report was not received. The clerk was asked to record SPC ‘s disappointment that, once again, as over the last 3 years, there has been no communication from SCDC.
    c) World of Planning Meeting attended by Cllr John Stanley
    Cllr John Stanley attended the meeting on 3rd July at Stratford St. Andrew. The main purpose of the meeting was to understand the Public Access Planning Site and Automated email alerts. There was also information about affordable housing. The full report has been filed. John was thanked for his report and for attending at short notice.
    Re. affordable housing – SPC is most concerned that local councils would like to see the so-called ‘nomination clause’ removed from housing registers.
    d) Speed on B1119 – report on meeting with Bob Clench, Highways Officer (MW & JS)
    A meeting was called to discuss SPC views, before the arranged meeting with the Highways Officer.
    Marie Smith from the White Horse Inn, Councillor Martin Wyard, Councillor John Stanley and the Clerk were present. When Bob Clench arrived, Laura Mann from ‘Larks and Lanterns’ Campsite also joined us and gave us data from her business impacting on the B1119.
    Bob Clench appeared to agree that the speed limit of 60mph was inappropriate for the stretch through Swefling Parish. The committee agreed it could develop an argument and build a strong case for the speed limit to be changed to 30mph. A positive meeting ensued and the group were given the timescale for any change. The sub-committee will prepare a paper listing all the relevant data against the SCC Speed Policy. This will be sent to Bob Clench to start the process of trying to change the speed limit. The group were warned this would not be an easy process. SPC gave their unanimous support.
    Another meeting of those concerned will shortly be arranged. A report is filed.
  6. Correspondence
    a) SCDC Public Consultation: draft criteria for the identification of non-designated heritage  assets. Response required by 17th August.
    It was agreed that Chairman Steve Smith should head a village group who would look at the criteria (in published leaflet) and come up with a list of Swefling Parish assets. The public consultation would be advertised on the website.
    b) Adoption of the SCDC Community Infrastructure Levy Charging Schedule.
    An information leaflet has been produced explaining the levy.
    It was suggested that District Councillor Carol Poulter be asked to address the next meeting on the CIL.
    c) E.A. invitation to comment on 3 proposals from EDF re. habitat creation scheme at Aldhurst  Farm, Leiston. (Planning permission already granted.)
    The Environment Agency is requesting comments about this habitat creation scheme by the end of July.
    The clerk has sent this email to interested ecologists in the area.
    d) RSN – ‘Building a Rural Community’ – extending their communications network.
    Councillor John Tesh to be asked if he would be our nominated councillor.
    20 emails forwarded, since 2/6/15
  7. Finances
    a) To authorise cheques for signature. 2 cheques to sign: Total £97. 51
    b) To receive and approve payments since last meeting.
    No payments have been received or paid since the last meeting.
    c) To receive the financial report from the RFO including balances at Barclay’s Bank.
    Current A/C £ 410.09
    Business A/C 1705.16 Total £2115.25
    Jude Chin has agreed to be the point of contact for the Pensions Regulator. New regulations require SPC to comply with new legal duties – the staging date for SPC is 1st May 2017.
    d) Audit progress
    The audit has been posted to BDO, the external auditors, in time for the deadline of 13th July.
    The opportunity for the electorate to view the accounts expires on 15th July and the notice advertising this has been on the PC board for the required length of time.
  8. Planning Matters
    a) To receive planning decisions.
    1 The Anchorage, The Street. DC/15/1669/FUL Permission granted for extension.
    Yew Tree Farm , Cransford Road DC/15/1043/FUL. Application permitted for refurbishing existing store.
    b) To consider any planning applications.
    Pound Farm, Cransford Road:
    i) DC/15/PN3 Proposed change of use of agricultural buildings to 2 dwellings (SPC supports)and ii)DC/15/1803/FUL Proposed alterations and extension link to outbuilding (including change of use from agricultural to residential). SPC considering this application after visit.
    Orwell Housing Association, Land behind Blyth Villas and Fairways – DC/15/1996/VOC variation of conditions of application DC/13/2710/FUL.
    Vary condition 2 – revised drawings
    Remove condition 3 – affordable housing to be secured by nomination agreement rather than a condition
    Vary condition 14 – revised parking layout
    Vary condition 15 – revised wording in terms of access improvements
    Vary condition 19 – revised footway layout
    Discharge conditions 11, 21, and 25 through submitted details.
    There was much discussion regarding each of the conditions especially clause 3 and clause 25 (re. discharge of foul water) – SPC unanimously voted that neither of these conditions should be removed.
  9. Matters to be brought to the attention of the council.
    • Cllr Martin Wyard asked that as it is a year since meetings were moved from the church to the Village Hut there should be an appraisal and comparison of the venues.
    • The Clerk announced her wish to stand down from the post of clerk, due to family pressures. It was decided that someone should be sought to take over from April 1st 2016, with the opportunity to get to know the requirements of the post in the interim.
  10. Date of next 2 meetings
    Tuesday 8th September 2015 at 7.30pm
    Tuesday 10th November at 7.30 p.m. both at the Village Hut.

The meeting finished at 9.28pm The chairman thanked those attending.
Mrs J.A.Abbott – Clerk to Swefling Parish Council


By Jill Abbott on July 7th, 2015