June 2015

The Chairman welcomed those present

  1. Councillors present were Chairman Cllr Steve Smith, Cllr Professor John Tesh, Cllr Jude Chin, Cllr Audrey Lummis, Cllr Ann Hirst, Cllr John Stanley. County Councillor Stephen Burroughes and six members of the public
    and received councillor’s apologies for absence. Martin Wyard’s apologies were accepted.
  2. To receive members’ declarations of interest.
    Cllr John Stanley declared interest in 4c Drainage down Holden’s Lane.
    Cllr Ann Hirst in 8a Planning Application.
    Members were reminded to up-date their pecuniary interests on the SCDC website.
  3. Minutes. The Minutes of the meetings of 3/3/15 & 19/5/15 having been emailed to all concerned were signed by the chairman as a true record.
  4. Clerk’s report.
    4.1. Jubilee Field
    4.1.1. Up-date on funding
    Clerk wrote to the Townlands Trust to ask for financial help for seating and they generously sent £400 for a picnic bench. They would like a plaque to mark this gift which they will organise.
    Clerk has also sent in a bid, for more sports funding for a children’s wood and rope climbing trail. – yet to hear whether we have been successful.
    Sovereign Play Designs (same company as our basket swing) have quoted £4000 for the 2 items. If the grant is awarded we can go ahead with the next stage of the development of Jubilee Field.
    4.1.2. Maintenance regime – The clearing of the scrub and the purchase of the play equipment has impacted on the maintenance of the field. The rougher areas of the field are not suitable for the use of the mower, neither will the mower cut around or near the play equipment. The maintenance of the field is becoming a challenge to Andy and Steve and more help is required. The clerk was asked to research prices of maintenance contracts for the Jubilee Field and of equipment i.e. wheeled strimmer.
    4.1.3. Health and Safety Concerns Some concern reported from residents about the state of the field especially the rough ground as unsuitable for football.
    Simon Walker SCDC will conduct a Health and Safety report this week.
    4.2. Deed of Variation and progress on Housing Association building project.
    The Deed being ready will be signed after meeting. Building is due to commence later this month.
    4.3. Flood Prevention in village – response from Highways Dept.
    Bob Clench (who addressed us at the last meeting, about drainage down Holden’s Lane) has reported the results of the drainage survey and has identified failure in the surface water pipe-line under the verge outside no 3 Blyth Villas. He is in the process of ordering the work to repair.
    He has been assured that the outfall ditch behind Fairways will be cleared out as part of the new development due to start this month. He is making contact with EA about the condition of the Gull – so the works are proceeding but certainly not finished.
    Local parishioners are continuing to clear ditches in preparation for wetter weather.
    4.4. Speed of traffic on B1119.
    Bob Clench of Highways was asked about the speed survey which he says has been completed: clerk asked for a copy of the survey to be sent to us He is anxious now to arrange a meeting with SPC representatives to check the request for a 30mph limit against all the criteria. with Cllr.Martin Wyard & SWH pub owners for numerical documentation on usage of campsite. Clerk has already emailed him a list of 20 dwellings on the B1119 -one of the criteria for changing the speed limit. Clerk to arrange meeting.
    Also in this month’s Bridge a request for evidence with dates of dangerous situations to be emailed
    4.5. Election matters – All the follow-up documents i.e. nil returns for expenses have been taken to the Returning Officer by the required date.
    Our Parish election being uncontested; we had 35 days to co-opt the extra member of the council to fill the one vacancy, and Audrey Lummis has agreed to be reinstated. Chairman thanked Audrey.
  5. Councillors’ Reports
    5.1. Litter-pick
    on 28th March – Councillor Audrey Lummis reported a successful morning’s work with the weather being good and many helpers, it was all done by lunch-time.
    5.2. Sizewell C – Up-date and, report from Councillor Professor John Tesh on Meeting 11th March held at Darsham organised by SCC and chaired by A. Smith. The events leading up to the Stage 1 Consultation were scrutinised and the delay with the Stage 2 Consultation explained. Hinkley Point’s delay impacts on Sizewell c) The key concerns from this meeting were: roads, Park and Ride plans and the accommodation blocks.
    The newsletter produced in April 2015 highlights the new habitat creation scheme at Aldhurst Farm Leiston which has recently been granted planning consent; this subject was not mentioned at the meeting.
    4 smaller consultation meetings have been arranged end of June and July in different villages, to continue these conversations.
  6. Correspondence
    6.1. Suffolk Coastal Local Plan – Review of Swefling Services
    – clerk sent reply based on our discussion as of 19/5/15 re facilities, bus services, access to doctors’ surgeries etc.
    6.2. Housing Association places at Badingham – Letter
    Hastoe Housing Association is building homes to rent in Badingham – affordable housing for local people, priority being given to residents of Badingham but neighbouring parishes including Sweffling will also be considered. Anyone interested needs first to be registered with the Gateway to Homechoice Scheme for them to be able to bid for a house. Clerk will arrange to be emailed when vacancies are advertised so that the Council can let anyone interested know.
    6.3. Election results. Results of the Parliamentary election and the local district council election have been posted on our village website.
    6.4. 53 emails were forwarded to councillors.
  7. Finance
    7.1. To authorise cheques for signature.
    I cheque for £13.78.
    7.2. To receive and approve payments since last meeting. – Precept with additional council grant
    29/04/15 £1,100 precept + £29.74 grant = £1,129.74
    7.3. To receive the financial report from the RFO including balances at Barclay’s Bank.
    C/A £423.87
    B/A £1705.02
    Total £2,128.89
    7.4. Appointment of signatories for cheque payments – Jude Chin agreed. Clerk to arrange.
    7.5. Annual Return – important dates and progress.
    Notice on board for 2 weeks – public allowed to see accounts between 15th June – 10th July
    Annual Return needs to be received by BDO before 13th July.
  8. Planning Matters.
    8.1. To receive planning decisions.
    8.1.1. The Old Farmhouse, Holdens Lane DC/15/0464/FUL two storey extension. Withdrawn
    8.1.2. Yew Tree Farm, Cransford Road DC/15/1043/FUL refurbishment of existing store/garage. Pending decision – SPC supported this application.
    8.1.3. Yew Tree Farm, Cransford Road DC/15/1282/LBC Internal alterations/external maintenance work. Approved.
    8.2. To consider any planning applications.
    8.2.1. Land Adjacent Mill House, Mill Road DC/15/0435/FUL – Erection of house, garage, track/parking – Pending decision this will be decided by the Planning Committee and we are still waiting to hear confirmation of the date. Swefling
    Parish Council will be sending representation to this meeting as it is against the proposal for a number of reasons.
    8.2.2. 1 The Anchorage, The Street, DC/15/1669/FUL – Proposed Alterations and Extension. Pending decision – SPC supported this application.
    8.2.3. Pound Farm, Cransford Road, DC/15/0899/PN3 – Proposed change of use, agricultural buildings to two houses. SPC currently giving this application consideration.
  9. Matters to be brought to the attention of the council
    Adrian Kinsey has agreed to up-date the website & will take over when Ann Hirst leaves.
    30mph sign thro’ village obscured by vegetation: clerk to report on SCC Highways website.
  10. Date of next 2 meetings, time and venue.
    Tuesday 7th July 2015 7.30pm
    Tuesday 8th September 7.30pm both at Village Hut

The meeting finished at 8.50 pm

Signed Mrs J.A.Abbott
Clerk to Swefling Parish Council


By Jill Abbott on June 2nd, 2015