March 2015

The Chairman welcomed all to the meeting especially Bob Clench the Area Highways Engineer come to address parishioners in this Open Meeting.

  1. Present: Chairman Cllr Steve Smith, Cllr Martin Wyard, Cllr Audrey Lummis, Cllr Ann Hirst, Cllr Jude Chin and 14 members of the public.
    Apologies were received and accepted from Professor John Tesh ( work), Cllr Keith Godman (illness) and County Councillor Stephen Burroughes (illness)
  2. To receive members’ declarations of interest. Ann Hirst declared an interest in item 10 Planning Matters, re. planning application.
  3. Minutes. The Minutes of the meeting of 13th January 2015, having been circulated to all by email, were agreed and signed by the chairman as a true record.
  4. Open Meeting with Bob Clench from the Highways Department to discuss the B1119 in the light of new guidelines for 30mph speed limits.
    Bob Clench addressed the meeting: Up until now, Sweffling has not qualified for a 30mph limit but new policies set by the Department of Transport (see circular 01/2013 online) have changed the criteria. He has set up a speed survey on a stretch of the B1119 through the village near the Sweffling White Horse. If the results suggest that there is a case, then the PC need to consider which length of road we would like the speed limit to cover and why.
    Comments and evidence were invited from the floor; these were noted. It was decided that a small group headed by Cllr Martin Wyard will meet to collate and consider the evidence and criteria. Together with Bob Clench, if the criteria have been satisfied they will put together a case to have the 30 mph speed limit extended from Rendham through Sweffling.
  5. Clerk’s report.
    5.1.      Problems of drainage down Holden’s Lane.
    Letters and photographs about recent deluges and freezes affecting the state of Holden’s lane have been sent to both the Environment Agency and the Highways Department. EA reported that Team leader David Kemp would meet SCC tomorrow and they will keep us posted.
    Bob Clench stayed to speak on this problem: having surveyed the drainage on this road he says it is SCC’s responsibility. Where it turns at right angles along the back of Holden’s Meadow adjacent to the area where Orwell Housing will build, Orwell have said they will clean out the ditch but Mr Clench wants SCC to do it prior to the transfer of the land to Orwell Housing. There will be a survey of the pipes tomorrow – a jetter will flush out the pipes. This will take off the water that currently flows down the road.
    It was pointed out that the culvert under the road at Washbrook Corner also needs flushing out.
    5.2.      Progress with development of Jubilee Field
    5.2.1.    Hedge planting
    A mixed hedge was planted at the end of January and recently the 5 standard trees have been added.
    All rubbish has now been cleared from the field thanks to Cllr Keith Godman.
    5.2.2.    Health & Safety check Clerk has asked Simon Walker for a quote on a H & S check for the Jubilee Field. It was suggested clerk ask SCDC about a group inspection.
    5.3.      Progress with Deed of Variation for access to Jubilee Field from Holden’s Lane
    No news about this except that our solicitor is still waiting to find out who will be paying him.
    5.4.      Holden’s Lane planning proposal:
    Response from Orwell re concerns. Greg Dodds has agreed that Binders will be asked to take up the maintenance contract for the new Sewage plant. Binders will therefore oversee both Flagship and Orwell H.A. sewage plants which discharge into the same ditch. (the very ditch that Bob Clench has agreed that SCC will clear).
    Clerk asked to chase up response from Flagship re. their basis for parking strategy.
    5.5.      Local Plan Documents re. sites which are protected from development, Sweffling Other Village Is the AP28 policy (area to be protected from development) still required? Decision to report. Response was sent 27th February (filed).
    5.6.      Up-date on buses through Sweffling.
    Andrew Gee of SCC Transport Dept. has emailed about new buses on 3 days in Swefling each week.
    The timetable has yet to be finalised but gives access to our local towns and beyond.
    The new buses will link villages with Framlingham and Saxmundham.
  6. Councillors’ Reports
    6.1.      County Councillor Steve Burroughes’ Report.
    Stephen sent his apologies, no report because of illness.
    6.2.      BT Broadband Roll-out meeting attended by David Fordham on behalf of SPC. He reported that Broadband speed for Swefling would become clear after the Rendham ‘Box’ is launched in March this year, although it has been active since October. His report is filed.
  7. Correspondence
    7.1.      Electoral Register revised 1 December 2014 – this has been received
    7.2.      Sizewell C up-date – a meeting on March 11th Professor John Tesh will attend at Darsham.
    7.3.      Elections – timetable leading up to May 7th. All councillors standing for the forthcoming term will need to be nominated (proposed and seconded) by members of the current electoral roll.
    A timetable of dates and deadlines is held by the clerk.
    7.4.      33 Emails forwarded:
  8. Finance
    8.1.      To receive and approve payments since last meeting.
    2nd part of the sports grant was received at the end of January of £1332.00 to pay for the basket swing. This made the payment to Sovereign very late.
    00521 Sovereign Play Ltd £2534.70 cheque sent 28 .01.15
    8.2.      To authorise cheques for signature.
    3 cheques authorised toatlling £380
    8.3.      To receive the financial report from the RFO including balances at Barclay’s Bank.
    VAT refund has been applied for of £631. 95 but not yet received.
    Business Account as at 23rd Feb 15                       563.18
    Community Account                                               41.12
    Total: £604.30
    8.4.      Insurance up-date. Extra cost of swing and dog-bins is to be £29.96 for this year (from Dec)
  9. Planning Matters
    9.1.      To receive any planning decisions. None received
    9.2.      To consider any planning applications.
    We have received the planning application for Mr and Mrs Rusack, a detached eco-house planned for their land. This application is under careful consideration at present. The council has until 12th March to make their recommendations.
    Also today the clerk has received a planning application for an extension to the Old Farmhouse -Holdens Lane DC/15/0464/FUL. Papers to be circulated. Response needed by 22nd March 2015.
  10. Matters to be brought to the attention of the council.
    Information today received re. spring litter pick. Cllr Audrey Lummis will organise from the car-park of the Village Hut to be on Sat 28th March 10a.m – 12 noon on the day of the ACC flower-show.
  11. Date of next meeting, time and venue.
    Confirm the date of the AGM and Annual Parish Meeting as 2nd June 2015 at 7pm Village Hut
    Future meetings to be arranged by newly elected Council

The chairman thanked those who had attended and the meeting closed at 8.25 p.m.


Mrs J A Abbott
Clerk to Sweffling Parish Counci


By Jill Abbott on March 3rd, 2015