November 2014

The Chairman welcomed all to the meeting.

  1. Present: 6 councillors
    Apologies – Cllr Ann Hirst & County Cllr Stephen Burroughes
  2. Declaration of Interests None received
  3. To sign the minutes of the last meeting as a true record.
    The minutes of the meeting 16th September 2014 were accepted, confirmed and signed by the Chairman.
  4. Clerk’s Report
    4.1.     WWI Film evening at Bryan’s Barn
    28 parishioners attended the film-show in Bryan’s Barn in September in memory of those who fought in WWI. A collection was taken (£66) in aid of a plaque for Sweffling Hut.
    4.2.     Up-date on change of road name re. Woolnough Lane
    SCDC have agreed that Chapel Lane’s name be changed. Letters have been sent to those affected.
    4.3.     Progress on development of Jubilee Field.
    SCDC ‘Play Space’ visited the field to check our scrub clearance and lay-out re. sports/play equipment.
    It was agreed that we should go ahead with the new basket swing installation.
    Councillors agreed to help clear and burn the pile of roots, to cut the area around the old swing, The grass has recently been cut: there is no litter and cars are no longer being driven over the field.
    A letter will be put in the Bridge thanking those who have helped clear the field and to local residents for their patience during the weeks in September when scrub was cleared.
    4.4.     Up-date on dog bins
    Councillor Stephen Burroughes has agreed to contribute £478 towards cost of dog-bins for the parish.
    4.5.     Holdens Lane Planning Proposal Concerns.
    3 letters were sent after the last meeting regarding drainage , sewage and parking.
    4.5.1.  Drainage – J P Chick, the engineers responsible for the drainage have replied to concerns about the permeable paving and underlying subsoil. Clerk asked to reply with council’s concern over the weight of heavy vehicles on block-paving.
    4.5.2.  Parking – Flagship Housing has replied that plans for parking have been reconfigured since a consultation with the residents and that all space has now been maximised for parking. Flagship have agreed with Orwell that spaces will be numbered to ensure that Flagship customers have their own space and there will be two additional spaces. Clerk asked to write again re. basis of how they have allocated this number.
    4.5.3.  Sewage – Binders have not yet replied to a letter sent on 9th October about the adequacy of the old plant and the concerns re. potential problems that may be encountered when the two plants overflow into the same small ditch.
    4.5.4.  State of Access Road – Clerk has deferred writing until the ownership of this road has been finalised.
    4.6.     Progress with Highways Dept re. Open meeting – Bob Clench the Area Highways Manager has agreed to come to the next Parish Council Meeting if he has anything new to report on 30 mph limits. Clerk has invited him to come to the 13th January PC meeting the first part of which will be an open meeting.
    4.7.     Trees – grants and offers of trees – SCDC Countryside officer has grants available for Parish Tree Planting, to be sent by 30th Nov. Clerk has arranged for quotes for a replacement hedge at footpath end of Jubilee Field.
  5. Councillors’ Reports
    5.1.     Professor John Tesh reported on Sizewell C Forum meeting:.
    5.2.     Chairman Steve Smith attended World of Planning Meeting on 6th Nov at Riverside Centre.
    This was about the Consultation on the Core Strategy.
    5.3.     3 Councillors attended a half hour session for questions relevant to Swefling Parish on11th Nov. to clarify points about the village plan and future planning.
    Council agreed that in Summer 2015 the Parish Plan should be reviewed perhaps at a meeting/social event, with a display of Old Swefling. This could eventually lead to a New Parish Plan.
    The village is now considered unsustainable having lost its envelope. People are less likely to get planning permission now.
    5.4.     Cllr Martin Wyard has received a complaint about footpaths. Newly ploughed fields have not had their footpaths re-established. Clerk to research how a footpath is established and maintained.
  6. Correspondence
    6.1.     Joint Letter from Gt Glemham PC and Swefling PC to MP
    After Dr Dan Poulter’s visit , concerns over the transport and infrastructure plan for the construction period of the proposed Sizewell C prompted a letter drafted by clerks and jointly sent on behalf of 2 councils.
    6.2.     Sizewell: Survey re 4 villages by-pass. As a result the MP has sent questionnaires to 700 residents.
    6.3.     Deed of Variation – re triangle of land and access road to Blyth Villas/Jubilee Field – SCDC and Swefling Parish Council.
    Alistair Bissett for SCDC has drafted the Deed of Variation. Marshall Hatchick has been instructed to act on our behalf. Clerk to check this will be a legal right of access but no responsibility for up-keep.
    6.4.     Budget Review meeting – Tuesday 25th Nov 6.30pm Cllr Jude Chin to attend.
    6.5.     Local Plan Documents – question for parishes which have lost their ‘village envelope’ for discussion: Do you think there is any need to continue to identify sites as protected from development if there is no real threat/prospect of/from development as the physical limits boundary has now been removed?
    Clerk to find out if there are any such sites in our parish.
    6.6.     May 7th – Parish Council Elections Notice received from SCDC with costs.
    All 7 councillors will need to be re-elected. Nomination papers will be issued in the Spring and there will be a cost even if the election is uncontested. The minimum will be £100- £150. It could be a s much as £640 and we need to budget for this scenario.
    6.7.     30 Emails circulated
  7. Planning
    7.1.     Decisions No communications received despite several reminders.
    7.2.     Applications: None
  8. Accounts
    8.1.     To authorise cheques for signature:
    Suffolk Coastal Norse – dogbin £354.00
    8.2.     To receive and approve payments since last meeting
    4 cheques paid totalling £ 909.38
    8.3.     Income – 3 payments precept and 2 grants totalling £1430.03
    8.4.     Financial report – statements as at 23/10/14 from Barclays Bank
    Community Acc £119.45 Business Acc £1,195.51 Total £1314.96
    VAT has been claimed but not yet received £578. Audit concluded.
    8.5.     Budget Review – emailed to all.
    We also need to factor in the possible cost of a contested election.
    SPC unanimously agreed to increase the precept for 2015/16. It was agreed by majority the increase be £500
  9. Matters to be brought to the attention of the Council
    Chairman Steve Smith outlined the need for a strimmer for the new style maintenance of the Jubilee Field. Funding for this to be considered at next meeting.
    The hedge between Rendham Bridge and corner opposite Bridge Farm (on B1119) that is overgrown, has been reported to the Highways Dept. No action has yet been taken.
    Discussion took place about the recent flooding down Holden’s Lane and the breeching of The Gull. Clerk is to put a notice in ‘The Bridge’ to urge residents/landowners to keep the Gull clear of debris.
  10. Date of next meeting
    The date of the next meeting was agreed
    Tuesday 13th January 2015 (Open Meeting)
    Tuesday 3rd March 2015
    Annual Meeting and AGM Tuesday 12th May 2015

Clerk to Swefling Parish Council

Mrs Jill Abbott

By Jill Abbott on November 11th, 2014