September 2014

 The chairman welcomed all to the meeting.

  1. 1 councillor’s apologies were accepted with reasons and seven members of the public attended.
  2. There were no declarations of interest.
  3. The minutes of the last PC meeting 15/07/14 were signed as a true record.
  4. Clerk’s Report
    4.1.     Responses to Village Open meeting 15th July on Orwell Housing Development:
    From Gregg Dodd (Orwell H.A.) – up-dated site plan of Land behind Blyth Villas in Holdens Lane
    Drainage Strategy; foul treatment plant maintenance agreement.
    From Environment Agency – site visit and plan for monitoring outflow.
    From residents – 2 letters of concern about sewage plants and proposed parking area.
    Discussion amongst councillors led to a request that clerk should write clarifying points from
    Binders re. their takeover of Flagship sewage plant, JP Chick re concerns about adequate drainage system, Flagship about concerns re car-parking and SCDC about the poor state of the track outside the bungalows.
    4.2.     Up-date on Jubilee field Improvements.
    A Grant has been received for improving the area and installing play equipment. The first instalment has been spent on clearing the scrub. When fully prepared a family area will be installed, with a basket swing, an adult fitness trail and children’s climbing trail.
    4.3.     Highways Department The clerk is waiting for a response regarding up-dates, and a meeting with the Area manager about speeding vehicles on B1119.
    4.4.     Dog-bins. Following complaints from residents, ‘fido-bins’ will be installed around the village to encourage people to stop their dogs fouling the Churchyard and footpaths.
    4.5.     WWI Remembrance. Arrangements have been made to show the film ‘Oh What a Lovely War’ at Bryan’s Barn on Monday 22nd September. A collection will be made for a plaque in memory of all those from the Parish of Sweffling who gave their lives in WWI.
  5. Councillors’ reports The Chairman reported on a meeting he had attended in June entitled ‘The World of Planning.’ He explained about Neighbourhood Plans and Community infrastructure Levy
  6. Correspondence 26 emails have been circulated.
    6.1.     Letter re road name change received. SPC supports this suggestion. Clerk to write to SCDC re naming an un-named road ‘Woolnough’s Lane’ in memory of the late David Woolnough.
    6.2.     Boundary Changes SCDC report on boundary changes
    6.3.     Consultation review of polling stations. Our polling station deemed satisfactory.
    6.4.     Up-date after letter sent to residents around Jubilee Field area. No problems reported.
  7. Finance – Payments approved: Grant £2520, donation from Fete £200.
    Expenditure £3230.38 Balance as at 16/09/14 – £228.73 Precept expected end Sept.
    has been concluded and accounts may be inspected (see red notice)
  8. Planning No planning decisions have been received.
    8.1.     Application : Cartlodge, Poplar Farm, Holden’s Lane – SPC have approved this application 31/8
  9. Matters to be brought to the attention of the Council. 3 matters:
    9.1.     Request for contribution to churchyard maintenance from PCC.
    9.2.     Overgrown hedge reported on B1119 by Rendham Bidge
    9.3.     Roadside nature reserve to be cut end of September
  10. Dates of next meetings:
    Tuesday 11th November 2014 and
    13th January 2015
    in the Village Hut at 7.30pm

Jill Abbott (Clerk to Parish Council)

By Jill Abbott on September 16th, 2014