July 2014

Welcome.  The Vice- Chairman welcomed all to the meeting especially Mr.Greg Dodds of Orwell Housing Association and parishioners.

  1. Present:    5 councillors,  County Councillor Stephen Burroughes & 11 parishioners.
    Apologies –  accepted from 3 councillors and  3 members of the public.
  2. Declaration of Interests  None received
  3. To sign the minutes of the last meeting as a true record.
    The minutes of the AGM meeting 19th May 2014 were accepted, confirmed and signed.
  4. County Councillor’s Report  emailed to all councillors.
    4.1.   Vice -Chairman thanked Stephen Burroughes for his continued support and attendance of SPC. C.Cllr Burroughes highlighted specific points in his report.
    4.2.   Mr Greg Dodds from Orwell Housing Association presented  the answers to questions sent from  SPC regarding concerns about Holdens Lane planning permission for 4 dwellings.
    Outcomes of this meeting:
    4.2.1.      Clerk to write to the Environment Agency over concern that two sewage treatment plants (the original Flagship Plant and the new Orwell Plant to be  maintained  by Binders) will be discharging into the same small ditch that already has problems coping with the treated effluent from the Flagship Plant.
    4.2.2.      A possible joint meeting between Flagship H.A., Orwell H.A. and SPC if the EA think this would be beneficial.
    4.2.3.      Orwell H.A.to send up-dated plan of the development with all boundaries correctly defined including the lines of drainage.  Clerk to send this to attending parishioners.
    4.2.4.      Orwell Housing to ascertain the size of the tank that will be a store for drainage water under the new access road.
    4.2.5.      Orwell H.A.to send us a copy of the maintenance liability from Binders who will be servicing the new treatment plant.
    4.2.6.      Orwell H.A.to later send a copy of the landscaping plan to clarify the accessibility of the hedge and ditch from 3 Holdens Meadow and for the tenants of Plot 3
  5. Clerk’s Report
    5.1.   SCDC Estates Office  re. ownership of land in Jubilee Field and access road.
    5.1.1.      Ownership of the triangle of land at the rear of 6 Blyth Villas to be transferred to SPC – unanimously agreed.
    5.1.2.      Ownership rights of the shared drive next to the bungalows of Blyth Villas to be relinquished by  SPC to Orwell H. A. via SCDC. – unanimously agreed.
    5.2.   Jubilee Field funding for scrub clearance and play/sports equipment – up-date and future action.  Clerk has made a bid for money for scrub-clearance  SPC resolved that if the bid proves successful the project should go ahead.
    5.3.   Dog-bins – progress. County Councillor agreed to fund two dogbins.
    5.4.   Liaison with Townlands Trust  Andy Franklin has agreed to continue his roll in liaising with the Townlands Trust.
    5.5.   WWI Remembrance – progress on plans.
    Chairman is liaising with Bryan Sedge re. showing of film.  Date tba.
    No decision communicated from Hut Committee as yet re. plaque but County
    Councillor keen to help fund Hut renovations.  Committee to send him quotes.
    5.6.   Emails – discussion and decision re. forwarding.  The large number of emails being forwarded to councillors will be reduced.  Clerk will decide which need viewing.
  6. Councillors’ Reports – deferred until next meeting.
  7. Correspondence
    7.1.   Continuing concern over speeding vehicles and near accidents on B1119
    The Council resolved to invite the Area Highways Manager to a future,  in our mission to reduce speed on B1119 through Swefling Parish.
    7.2.   Dangerous activities on Jubilee Field –  A letter will be sent to all properties bordering the Jubilee Field and the local police, to stop cars and motorbike driving there.
    7.3.   Community Emergency Planning Workshop  No-one was available to attend.
    7.4.   Community News – opportunity to contribute.  SPC resolved that Swefling PC should not contribute to this free newspaper.
    7.5.   Correspondence for circulation – 29 Emails circulated
  8. Planning
    8.1.   Permission   Clerk to talk to planning office re.why  planning applications (C13/0998/  &  C13/0668/) have been passed without any communication with SPC in spite of concerns.  Also why the planned entrance near Sweffling Hall Farm has not been enforced.
    8.2.   Applications none received.
  9. Accounts
    9.1.   Cheques authorised for signature      Three totalling   £99.63
    9.2.   Payments Received    None Received
    9.3.   Financial Report-as of 23rd June
    Community Account              255.33
    Business Saver Account         788.93
    9.4.   Progress of External Audit.   The 2013/14 audit was sent several weeks early for the 30th June.  The clerk awaits the result and this must then be posted on notice board.
  10. Any Other Matters to be brought to the attention of the Council – None
  11. Date of next meetings to be held in the Hut
    The date of the next meeting was agreeD
    Tuesday 16th September 2014
    Tuesday 11th November 2014
    Tuesday 13th January  2015

The Vice-chairman thanked those attending and closed the meeting at 9.35pm

Clerk to Swefling Parish Council
Mrs Jill Abbott

By Jill Abbott on July 15th, 2014